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Support the Institute with Your Financial Gifts

The Institute for the Humanities is a center for innovative, collaborative study in the humanities and arts. Each year we provide fellowships for Michigan faculty, graduate students, and visiting scholars who work on interdisciplinary projects. We also offer a wide array of public and scholarly events, including weekly brown bag talks, public lectures, conferences, art exhibits, and performances. Our mission is to serve as a national and international centerpiece for scholarly research in the humanities and creative work in the arts at the University of Michigan. We exist to deepen synergies between the humanities, the arts and other regions of the university, to carry forward the heritage of the humanities, and to bring the voices of the humanities to public life. All of this energy, insight, and contribution is made possible by the support of dedicated friends who value the humanities and arts and who step forward each year to provide generous financial support. 

By engaging with the institute through your gifts, you directly support the university and the institute in our mission to:

  • Engage and address the world as a premier institute that boldly integrates the humanities with the arts.
  • Stand at the forefront of public outreach and service through the humanities and arts. > Maximize scholarly impact by funding precious time and opportunities for Michigan’s best emerging scholars.
  • Encourage and promote cutting-edge research across the humanities and the arts. 

Please support the Institute for the Humanities generously as together we make a profound and continuing difference in our university and the world.

Ways to Help Us Achieve our Aims

We would be glad to talk with you about any of the items below whether you are interested in funding partially or in its entirety.

  • Endow a Graduate Student Fellowship Offer a brilliant young scholar the best fellowship in the humanities.
  • Name our Gallery Allow us to include exhibitions in everything we do by giving us the funds to secure top quality work and mount more shows. Our museum-quality gallery already gains notice in the Chronicle of Higher Education and many other publications.
  • Endow our Emerging Scholars Prize Lend your stamp of approval to the best new scholarship the humanities has to offer, thus dignifying the new generation of humanists. Our enterprise stands or falls on young people.
  • Support a Careers-in-the-Making Fellowship Support a recent recipient of a master’s degree in a creative field for one term, providing time to complete work that will serve as a bridge along their path to a fulfilling professional career.
  • Enhance our Web Technology Give us the means to communicate with you and with our scholarly colleagues worldwide. In five years time we shall, with your help, live as much on the web as on “dry land.”
  • Underwrite a Public Outreach Event Allow us to bring the best of the humanities to the public. Check out our track record of spring and fall seminars, brown bag lectures, Author’s Forum events, as well as our collaborations with the University Musical Society, the Royal Shakespeare Company, and the Chicago Humanities Festival.
  • Underwrite an Exhibition Stamp an exhibition with your name on it and watch how we build unique intellectual activity around it.
  • Build the Director’s Discretionary Fund Give the director the flexibility he or she needs to make the institute more excellent. Contribute to our General Fund Allow our outstanding staff to grow to keep up with our vision.

How to Give

One of the easiest ways to support the humanities is through an outright gift to the Institute for the Humanities. The University of Michigan makes giving such gifts very easy through a number of methods, including:

  • Credit card, check, cash wire transfer.
  • A secure gift either through the U-M Development website or by mailing appropriate documentation with assistance from the institute’s development officer David Cave (see below).
  • Securities: A gift of securities can help you receive a valuable tax deduction and avoid capital gains tax.
  • Matching Gifts: You can leverage your gift to the institute with a matching gift from your employer (check with the institute’s development officer or ask your employer if your company offers a match).
  • Gifts in Kind: You may donate items of personal property or physical assets that may be of value to the institute, such as books, works of art, etc. Please check with the development officer or the director of the institute for what kind of items are of best value to the institute.
  • Payroll deduction for U-M faculty and staff.


The Institute for the Humanities seeks support for programs that foster the humanities among the U-M campus community as well as for residents of Michigan and beyond. You can create a lasting fund in your name or in honor or memory of someone you love and respect by establishing an endowment at the University of Michigan, benefiting the institute. Or you may add to an existing endowment. Endowments may be created through outright or deferred gifts. The institute’s development officer can help you structure an endowment gift that best fits your philanthropic and financial goals. All donors are recognized by U-M; the College of Literature, Arts & Sciences; and the Institute for the Humanities.

Estate and Deferred Gifts

The Institute for the Humanities continues to enrich and stimulate new generations of fellows. Through an estate bequest or deferred gift you can embrace future generations. Planned gifts provide many unique benefits that may reduce your estate and income-taxes and help you avoid capital-gains.

The institute’s development officer can provide you and/or your financial advisors with the assistance necessary to explore and formulate a planned gift to the institute. To discuss your gift in more detail please contact us at, 734-936-3518 or contact the institute’s development officer David Cave, PhD, LSA Development, 734-615-6456 or

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