U-M Graduate Student Fellowships

The 2015-16 application deadline is Friday, January 16, 2015 at 5pm.

Click here for information on the Early Modern Conversion Graduate Fellowship Opportunity.

Application Form

The Institute for the Humanities, founded in 1987, promotes interdisciplinary research and discourse in the humanities and the arts. The central function of the institute is to form an intellectual community of faculty and graduate student fellows from various departments who will spend a year in residence in the institute pursuing their research and participating in a cross-disciplinary, non-public weekly seminar. We seek applicants working in humanities research areas who demonstrate capacity to contribute to and gain from interdisciplinary exchange through the fellows seminar. Applicants whose humanities research involves innovative approaches supported through digital methodologies and environments are also encouraged to apply.

The institute has a faculty director and a small staff who manages the program and facilitates research by the resident fellows. To the core community formed by the faculty and graduate student fellows, we add several distinguished visiting fellows who typically join us for one to five weeks.

Each fellow has furnished office space and a personal computer at the institute’s quarters in the South Thayer Building. Graduate student fellows receive a stipend of $2,988 per month for ten months, beginning in either July or September, according to the individual fellow’s preference. The institute pays each fellow’s candidacy tuition and fees for the fall and winter terms and GradCare health insurance for the fellowship period.

A committee of U-M faculty, chaired by the institute’s director, selects graduate student fellows for a ten-month fellowship. We are also seeking candidates for an Early Modern Conversions Graduate Fellowship

1. Graduate student fellows are in residence for the year
2. Graduate student fellows attend the weekly two-hour fellows seminar

1. Applicants must be University of Michigan students and have attained candidacy at the time of application or provide a letter from their department vouching for the fact that they have successfully completed all of the requirements for candidacy
2. Former or current holders of Rackham Predoctoral Fellowships are not eligible for Institute for the Humanities’ graduate student fellowships. Current applicants may certainly apply for both awards. A person who wins both awards must choose one or the other by the stated deadline.
3. Applicants with other fellowship obligations for the coming year, even for one term, are ineligible to apply

1. Promise of dissertation project and strength of academic record
2. Evidence of progress on the dissertation project, typically one or two chapters of the dissertation drafted and accepted or near acceptance at the time of application
3. Interest in interdisciplinary work, as shown by the dissertation project and the applicant’s breadth of academic experience
4. Humanities content of the project
5. Letters of support:
     a. One letter must be from the dissertation chair
     b. One letter from a faculty member in a department or program other than the student’s home department
     c. Letters may come from faculty at other universities
6. Please note: The selection committee seeks to achieve variety and balance of disciplines in selecting the fellows

Friday, January 16, 2015, at 5:00pm, is the deadline for submitting applications.

Applicants may submit one complete application in pdf or Microsoft Word format to
HUM-GSAP1516@umich.edu, or one single-sided hard copy (no staples, please; binder clips are acceptable). 

1. Fellowship Application Form (signed)
2. Curriculum vitae
3. Two brief statements as described on the Fellowship Application.
4. Writing sample, strictly limited to 6,000 words, excluding footnotes and bibliographies. The writing sample is normally a chapter of the dissertation that is substantially polished. (Note: if providing musical or visual work samples, place them on a web site and provide a URL link.)
5. Graduate transcripts (official or unofficial)
6. Proof of candidacy (unless posted on transcript)
7. Two letters of recommendation, one from your dissertation advisor and the second from a faculty member in another department. IMPORTANT: Make copies of the blank recommendation form and send each recommender (A) a signed recommendation form, (B) a copy of your dissertation statement, and (C) a copy of your graduate education statement. Recommenders should mail their letters directly to the institute or send them as a pdf or Microsoft Word file to HUM-GSAP1516@umich.edu. (Be sure to remind your recommenders that the recommendation form needs to be signed by them as well as by you.)

March 13, 2015, is the approximate notification date.

Winners normally notify the institute of their acceptance of the fellowship within two weeks of receiving the offer.


Application Form