ISS Classroom & Instructional Support: aka Operations

ISS Operations is a team of highly trained and knowledgeable professionals and students.  We provide audio-visual equipment and services support for all classes and events held in LSA classrooms.  If you have questions or concerns about your classroom, or need immediate assistance in the classroom, please contact us at 734.615.0100 or contact our Help Desk.  

The ISS Operations staff will gladly provide training and support on using equipment in any LSA Centrally Scheduled Classroom or for equipment available from any of our Checkout Centers on Central Campus. If you would like to request training for an ISS supported room, please telephone 734.615.0100 or fill out the Online Request Form.

For PDF's of ISS equipment training handouts or for online instructions accompanying a virtual tour of an LSA classroom, please visit our Instructional Classroom Database.

If you have any questions concerning AV support for your class or event, please telephone 734.615.0100 or email us at lsa-iss-reservations@umich.edu.