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Case 5: A Cap, A Sack, and Two Mysteries

Other Types of Textile Artifacts

In addition to garments, covers and other furnishings, toweling and padding, many types of textile artifacts were found at Karanis. Certain types, like the sack (made of reused cloth), are easily identifiable. Some artifact types have been identified by reference to other archaeological contexts: such is the case for the cap braided in the sprang technique, which produces a patterned, stretchy material. Other artifact types might conceivably be explained by comparing size and shape to known types (e.g., compare the felt piece to sprang cap) and to similar items found elsewhere.

The purpose of some types of artifacts remains unexplained. For example, several examples of multilayered rag wads similar to the last mysterious item in this display case were found at various locations at Karanis. What do you think they were used for?

Case 5: A Cap, A Sack, and Two Mysteries

Felt (cap?)
Karanis, 24-145L, R
Kelsey Museum, 11815
Karanis, 25-262A
Kelsey Museum, 14000
Karanis, 25-4009A’1-L, R:bin
Kelsey Museum, 10375
Karanis, 29-B201K-G, R
Kelsey Museum, 22566


22. Felt (cap?), KM 11815 23. Cap, KM 14000 24. Sack, KM 22566 25. ?, KM 10375