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1. Contract of Obligation of Service
P. Mich. Inv. 2819
Karanis, 24-4031-E

This contract, written in Greek, acknowledges that Aurelia Taesis has borrowed money from Aurelia Thaisarion and will work for her as a weaver in place of interest payments until she can repay the debt. This contract may be assigned a date between the years 276 and 282 A.D.

Aurelia Taesis, daughter of Asklepiades and Sarapous, from the city of Memphis, has acknowledged to have received from Aurelia Thaisarion, daughter of Komon, from the village of Karanis, the capital sum of one myriad eight thousand [18,000] silver drachmai, i.e. three talents, which, as Aurelia Taesis has further acknowledged, have been paid for a debt of her aforementioned father Asklepiades; and that she, the first party, will of necessity stay by Aurelia Thaisarion, performing the weaving and household tasks that she knows in place of the interests of the capital sum. If she wants to give up, [she acknowledges that] she will also of necessity repay the aforementioned three talents of silver without delay, and that the right of execution on demand shall rest with Aurelia Thaisarion against the first party, Aurelia Thaesis, or against all her property, as if in accordance with a legal decision. This document written as a single copy shall be valid anywhere it may be produced

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