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A Loan Contract

1. Loan of Money
P. Mich. Inv. 478
Antinoopolis, Egypt

In this contract, Flavius Christodoros acknowledges that he borrowed money (“solidus” and “carat” are denominations of coinage) from Aurelia Euphemia and offers garments as a pledge for repayment of his debt. This contract was drawn up on March 1, 569 A.D.

Flavius Christodoros, to Aurelia Euphemia , greetings.
I ... acknowledge by this written bond that I have received in loan from you, from [your] hand to my hands, for my private and necessary needs, the capital sum of one gold solidus less six carats
All my property present and future is mortgaged to you for this, and for your security I have drawn up for you and signed this document. And it is understood that on this account I have turned over to you in pledge a garment made in Egypt after the Tarsic fashion and an undergarment-shirt.

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