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Receipt for Garments
P. Mich. Inv. 1050
Origin unknown

This receipt lists garments and various other cloth items to be given to Theodosios in Zenon’s name. This receipt was written in Greek in the 5th or 6th century A.D.

List of clothes which are in the rest-house, through brother Martyrios, from me, Zenon:

A linen variegated tunic, 1, one;
cloaks made in the Antiochian style, 5, in total, five;
similarly, an Antioch hood, 1, in total, one;
combed linen variegated tunic, 1, in total, one;
wrapping cloths, 3, three;
a shirt and a cloak;
a light green upper garment, 1, one;
embroidered panels, 4, in total, four;
a fine linen cloth, 1 in total, one;
silver spoons, 10, in total, ten.

Give these effects to brother Theodosios, taking from him on account of what he owes to me for...

(Label) A receipt of Zenon...

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