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Private Letter
P. Mich. Inv. 1363
Perhaps from Philadelphia in Egypt

In this letter, Heliodora complains to her mother about her daughter’s theft of clothes, jewelry, and money. The letter was written in Greek in the late 3rd century A.D.

Heliodora to my mother, many greetings.

I am thoroughly exasperated with you that you did not even think me worthy to receive news through a letter of yours ever since I left you.

Many troubles have been inflicted upon me by my daughter. Look how greatly she annoyed the landlord and his neighbors, and then became irritated with him. She stripped me of everything and took away my gold ornaments and my earrings and gave me... a used tunic so that...

Ask the god on my behalf to take pity on me. Be sure to send my brother to me. I am going to Senepta with Emous. Do not send any sackcloth. What I have here is enough for me.

Greet all my brothers and those who love you. I pray for your health.

(Address) To Isidora my mother.

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