Marriage Contracts

Contract Dealing with a Dowry
P. Mich. Inv. 4703
Karanis, 26-B17F-A

This contract describes a meager dowry for a remarriage. The contract was written in Latin and signed in Greek sometime during the 2nd century A.D.

...Demetria, daughter of ..., dwelling in Colonia Caesarea, 39 years old, of dark complexion, long face, straight nose, and lentil-shaped mark on her right cheek, with Glaucippus, son of A...ianus, dwelling in Colonia Caesarea, 48 years old, of dark complexion, long face, straight nose, rather bald and with a scar above the left eyebrow, acting as guardian, to Gaius Valerius Gemellus, a soldier of the Augustan Alexandrian fleet and of the Liburnian galley Dragon, to whom she had been previously married, from which marriage there were born sons, Iustus, 14 years old, and Gemellus, 10 years old, and she has promised and has given to him as her dowry clothing by valuation and cash in counted coin..., which dowry the said Valerius Gemellus has acknowledged [that he has received...]

[Damaged signatures of seven witnesses.]

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