Private Letter
P. Mich. Inv. 5638, item 1
Karanis, 29-132*-DI

In this letter, written in Greek, Rullius asks Apollinarius to send white cotton items from Rome. It is not clear what these items are. The letter may be dated to the 2nd century A.D.

Rullius to [Iulius] Apollinarius, his brother, greeting.

I marvel that you did not send us a letter to let us know whether you had come through safely, in accordance with our prayers, and how you are doing now, so that we might know how your affairs are going.

Send the white cottons, as I requested of you when I was with you, to Menon. If there are soft ones, he said when he was with you, let them be sent from Rome. I will deliver them if you wish to send them.... I sent you a copy so that it might not go astray....

(2nd hand) I wish you good health, brother, .... Sitelkas and his children salute you, each by name.

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