Resources at the LRC

The Language Resource Center has a multitude of resources that we offer to faculty and students in support of teaching/learning languages and culture on the U-M campus. If you need support that is not currently listed on our site, please contact us at! We are happy to discuss new initiatives, or we can refer you to other support groups on campus that can assist you with your needs.

An overview of the resources we provide:

  • Access to international satellite TV (IPTV) and recordings for class use and projects
  • CD-ROMs and DVDs with a variety of software to support language learning
  • Digital access to audio and video material required for foreign language classes
  • Language learning media subscriptions: currently to LiveMocha and Yabla
  • Links to the U-M community and beyond (tutors, tandem partners, language bank)
  • Media collection of foreign language films, documentaries, books (e.g. textbooks, reference books), and foreign language magazines (in print and online)
  • PC and Mac classrooms (with headsets and webcams, projectors and document cameras)
  • Region-free DVD players and multi-system VCRs (for viewing in the LRC and for media digitization)
  • Resources for classroom instruction and independent study
  • Video conferencing equipment
  • Video viewing room for group study and video viewing

Media Library

We have resources to help you with your language studies. Some materials are for use in the LRC only, but others can be checked out for up to 2 weeks at a time:

  • Textbooks and dictionaries
  • Magazines
  • Literature and readers
  • Audio materials
  • Videos and DVD's
  • Self-study kits

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