Receptor-associated proteins and synaptic plasticity

Author(s): E.G. Bruneau, J.A. Esteban, M. Akaaboune


Changes in synaptic strength are important for synaptic development and synaptic plasticity. Most directly responsible for these synaptic changes are alterations in synaptic receptor number and density. Although alterations in receptor density mediated by the insertion, lateral mobility, removal, and recycling of receptors have been extensively studied, the dynamics and regulators of intracellular scaffolding proteins have only recently begun to be illuminated. In particular, a closer look at the receptor-associated proteins, which bind to receptors and are necessary for their synaptic localization and clustering, has revealed broader functions than previously thought and some rather unexpected thematic similarities

Publication Information:

Name of Periodical: FASEB Journal

Volume Number: 23

Issue Number: 3

Year of Publication: 2009

Page Numbers: 679-688