FoRMS: The Medieval Lunch Series

Begun in Winter of 2010 by professors Cathy Sanok (English) and Hussein Fancy (History) as the Monday Medieval Brownbag, this series is now being run as a Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshop under the rubric "Forum on Research in Medieval Studies" (FoRMS), the Medieval Lunch Series. Contact student coordinators Emmamarie Haasl and Tiggy McLaughlin for more information. Join us on Facebook.

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Fall 2015 Schedule
1014 Tisch Hall, noon to one

Sept 23: “The Use and Abuse of Royal Letters in 15th Century Spain: Petitions of Grievance and their Aftermath,” Yanay Israeli, History

Oct 14: “God’s Mongol Caliph,” Jonathan Brack, History

Nov 4: “Executing Romance: Sovereignty, Spectatorship and the Death Penalty in Havelok the Dane and Athelston,” Sheila Coursey, English Language and Literature

Nov 11: “Remodeling Authorship in Lydgate's Fall of Princes,” Gania Barlow, Honors College, Oakland University

Dec 2: “Hameter/Elcius: The Construction of a Jesuit Martyrology, 1580-2,” John Paul Hampstead and Amrita Dhar, English Language and Literature

Dec 16: “Salt, Robes and Blood: Honor and Loyalty Across the Asian ‘Medieval’ World,” Stewart Gordon, Center for South Asian Studies