Internship Information

Organizational Studies coordinates several internships on a competitive basis in various fields for interested students. In addition, many students find internships through the Career Center or through their own personal contacts. 

Learn about some of the interesting meaningful internship activity that our students pursued last summer!

Many students complete internships mainly for the experience, but if you wish to or are required to receive academic credit for an internship, there are three methods available:

  1. ORGSTUDY 299 (1 credit; CR/NC): Undergraduate Internship (not counted toward OS Concentration)
    • Notify the Student Services Coordinator prior to starting the internship indicating dates of the internship and work hours per week. The internship must total at least 320 hours overall in order to receive OS 299 credit.
    • The Student Services Coordinator will create a permission for you to register for ORGSTUDY 299 (1 Credit, not counted toward OS), and you will register on Wolverine Access. Unless you indicate otherwise, the permission will be entered for Fall term, in order to avoid additional tuition charges for Spring or Summer.
    • You must submit a letter on company letter head upon completion of the internship verifying the duration and the hours worked.
  2. ORGSTUDY 499 (1-4 Credits; graded): Independent Study (counts in Cluster C for OS concentration). 
    • This course requires that you find a faculty mentor and create an academic independent study project in conjunction with your internship. For more information of the process, please read the Independent Study & Internship Workbook.
  • UC 225 (1 credit; CR/NC): Undergrad Internship (not counted toward OS concentration)
    • This course is administered by the Career Center, and details are available on their website.
    • UC 225 requires fewer hours of internship work than ORGSTUDY 299 (only 100 hours are required), but has some additional requirements (reflection paper, etc.).