Issues in Black World Studies - Non-Violence

AAS 458.001/ CICS 401.002, Prof. Scott A. Ellsworth

The Black Arts Movement and American Culture and Politics, c. 1960-1980

AAS 495.004, Prof. Kevin K. Gaines

Humanities Approaches to American Culture: Cold War and Culture

AmCult 498.003, Prof. Alan M. Wald,

Democratic Theory

Polisci 406.001, Prof. Lisa Jane Disch

Organizing: People, Power, and Change

Soc 489, Prof. David James Harding

Media, Culture & Society

Comm 371, Prof. Derek Vaillant

History of American Radicalism: From the Abolitionists to Occupy Wall Street

Hist 346, Prof. Howard Brick

The U.S. and the World Since 1945: Politics, Culture, and War in the American Century

Hist 363.001, Prof. Penny M. Von Eschen

The Politics and Culture of the 1960s

AmCult/Hist 374, Prof. Matthew Countryman

The Subject in the Aftermath of Revolution

RC HUMS 372, Prof. Cindy Sowers 

First Year Seminar: Social Justice, Identity, Diversity, and Community 

Soc 105.002/ UC 151.002, Prof. David Schoem

Race, Racism and Ethnicity

AC 399, Prof. Brandi Hughes

African American History Since 1865

Hist 275, Prof. Sherie Randolph

Debating Capitalism 

Hist 594.002, Prof Dario Gaggio

Freshman Seminar: Jewish Women and American Radicalism

Hist 197.001/Judaic 150.002, Prof. Regina Morantz-Sanchez

History of the Family in the United States, 1870-1990

Hist 368, Prof. Regina Morantz-Sanchez

A History of Jews and Social Justice in the United States 

Judaic Studies 417.002/ Soc Work 514.001, Prof. Karla Goldman