Undergraduate Program

Career Lookout
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Society of Physics Students
The Society of Physics Students travels to elementary schools to teach kids about physics. Click the photo to see what else they're up to.

Teacher Certification
Students can earn secondary teacher certification together with an Interdisciplinary Physics Concentration through LSA and the School of Education.

Society of Women in Physics
Members of the Society of Women in Physics set up physics demos for young girls on Girl Scout Day. Click to learn more about SWIP!

What U-M Physics Students Are Doing

Congratulations to the Sigma Pi Sigma Inductees of 2014!

About the Physics Program

The University of Michigan has one of the country's premier programs for the training of undergraduate and graduate students in physics. The Physics Department has abundant facilities for instruction in physics and offers a wide variety of experimental and theoretical research programs open to undergraduate and graduate students. 

Undergraduates concentrating in physics have several degree choices:

  • Professional Physics Plan (B.S.)
  • Interdisciplinary Physics Plan (A.B. or B.S.)
  • Honors Physics/Honors Interdisciplinary Physics
  • Teacher Certification in Physics
  • Physics Minor

After Graduation

The analytical and quantitative thinking skills you will develop as you work toward any of these degrees will be of great value in many different careers. Most physics majors at U-M follow one (or more) of three paths after graduation:

  • graduate work in physics or another field
  • employment in industry, software development, or an associated field
  • professional school in medicine, business, law, or an associated area

The undergraduate program web pages offer an introduction to why physics graduates remain at the forefront of science and technology advances, an overview of degree programs offered within the Department, an introduction to research opportunities for undergraduates (along with profiles of the work done by some current and past undergrads), and an outline of career opportunities in physics.