Timothy Chupp

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Timothy Chupp

Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Office Location(s): 4241 Randall
Labs: SB131, SB137,SB147 Randall (763.5981)
Phone: 734.647.2514

  • Fields of Study
    • Precision Measurements in Atomic, Nuclear, and Particle Physics
    • Biomedical NMR and MRI
  • About

    Professor Chupp and his group are involved in the development of precision measurement, optical pumping, and nuclear polarization techniques for application to a variety of fundamental and applied problems. A key experiment pursues the use of polarized noble gases, 3He and 129Xe, for the enhancement of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) for medical applications, especially for neurological studies of the functional imaging of cerebral blood flow. This research is a major collaboration involving researchers from Physics, Chemistry, Radiology, Neuroscience, and Clinical Medicine. The other key direction of Professor Chupp’s research is the measurement of manifestations of elementary particle interactions at low and intermediate energies to study physics beyond the standard model of elementary particle interactions. One important pursuit is the search for the CP-violating electric dipole moments of heavy atoms and the neutron, a problem closely related to understanding the apparent cosmological dominance of matter over antimatter. In this work, physics at short range is studied using symmetry and precision measurement techniques accessible with spin polarized systems.

    Professor Chupp is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and received the 1993 I.I. Rabi Prize.

    Selected Publications

    Single Mode Operation of a 2 watt External Cavity Laser Diode Array, (S.B. Bayram, T.E. Chupp), Rev. Sci. Inst. 78 (2002).

    Atomic Electric Dipole Moment Measurement Using Spin Exchange Pumped Masers of 129Xe and 3He, (M.A. Rosenberry and T.E. Chupp), Phys. Rev. Lett. 86, 22 (2001).

    New Limit on the D-Coefficient in Polarized Neutron Decay, (L.J. Lising, S.R. Hwang et al.), Phys. Rev. C 62, 055501 (2000).

    Polarization of 129Xe with High Power External—Cavity Laser Diode Arrays, (J.N. Zerger, M.J. Lim, K.P. Coulter, T.E. Chupp), Applied Physics Letters 76, 1798 (2000).

    Distribution and Dynamics of Laser Polarized Xe Magnetization In Vivo, (S.D. Swanson, M.S. Rosen, K.P. Coulter, R.C. Welsh, T.E. Chupp), Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 42, 1137-45 (1999).

    NMR Brain Imaging with Laser Polarized Xe, (S.D. Swanson, M.S. Rosen, B.W. Agranoff, T.E. Chupp, K.P. Coulter, R.C. Welsh), Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 38, 695-698 (1997).

    Spin Exchange Pumped He and Xe Zeeman Masers, (T.E. Chupp, R.J. Hoare, B. Wu, R.L. Walsworth), Phys. Rev. Letters 72, 2363 (1994).

    Determination of the Neutron Spin Structure Function, (P.L. Anthony, et al.), Phys. Rev. Lett. 71, 959 (1993).

    Coherence in Freely Precessing Ne and a Test of Linearity in Quantum Mechanics, (T.E. Chupp, R.J. Hoare), Phys. Rev. Lett 64, 2261 (1990); erratum Phys. Rev. Lett 66, 120 (1991).

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    Polarization of 21Ne and 3He by Spin Exchange with Optically Pumped Rb, (T.E. Chupp and K.P Coulter), Phys. Rev. Lett. 55, 1074 (1985).

  • Education
    • Princeton University B.S. 1977
    • University of Washington M.S. 1978
    • University of Washington Ph.D. 1983.