Leopoldo Pando Zayas

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Leopoldo Pando-Zayas


Office Location(s): 3421 Randall
Phone: 734.764.5236

  • Fields of Study
    • High Energy Theory
  • About

    Professor Pando Zayas’s ultimate interest is in the understanding of the string theory description of quantum gravity and gauge theories. Fortunately, in recent years it has become increasingly evident that the description of both areas might be intertwined in a very interesting way. Namely, the gauge/gravity correspondence stating that certain gauge theories are mathematically equivalent to specific string theories.

    His current interests and goals are centered in understanding and generalizing the gauge/gravity correspondence to more realistic situations including gauge theories with less than maximal supersymmetry and possibly QCD.

    Selected Publications

    Hadronic Density of States From String Theory, (with D. Vaman), Physics Review Letters Vol. 91,111602 hep-th/0306107 (2003).

    A Soluble String Theory of Hadrons, (with E. Gimon, J. Sonnenschein and M. Strassler), Journal of High Energy Physics 0305 039 hep-th/021206 (2003).

    On Penrose Limits and Gauge Theories, (with J. Sonnenschein), Journal of High Energy Physics 0205 070 hep-th/0202186 (2002).

    3-Branes on Resolved Conifold, (with A. Tseytlin), Journal of High Energy Physics 0011 28 hep-th/001008 (2000).

  • Education
    • Moscow State University, Russia M.S. 1995
    • Moscow State University, Russia Ph.D. 1998.