Cagliyan Kurdak

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Director of Applied Physics

Office Location(s): 267D West Hall
Lab: SB206 Randall (615.0195)
Phone: 734.647.4650

  • Fields of Study
    • Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
  • About

    Professor Kurdak’s research is mainly in the area of mesoscopic physics. At low temperatures and in small length scales, quantum effects and the discrete nature of charge become increasingly important. Professor Kurdak studies various systems, such as semiconductor quantum dots, quantum point contacts, and systems of Au nanoparticles, where these effects play a key role. Professor Kurdak’s research also focuses on the study of electrical properties of low-dimensional electron systems. In addition to two-dimensional electrons systems formed in semiconductor heterostructures, his group studies surface conduction on topological insulators. Many of the samples used in these experiments are fabricated using standard semiconductor processing techniques including electron beam lithography and they are characterized by low temperature transport measurements at temperatures as low as 20 mK.

    Professor Kurdak is an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

    Selected Publications

    Origins of Persistent Photoconductivity in GaAsN Alloys, (R. L. Field III, Y. Jin, H. Cheng, T. Dannecker, R. M. Jock. Y. Q. Wang, Ç. Kurdak, and R. S. Goldman), Physical Review B 87, 155303 (2013).

    Hot-Spot Detection and Calibration of a Scanning Thermal Probe with a Noise Thermometry Gold Wire, (A. Gaitas, S. Wolgast, E. Covington, and Ç. Kurdak), Journal of Applied Physics 113, 074304 (2013).

    Quantum Oscillations in Kondo Insulator SmB6, (G. Li, Z, Ziang, F, Yu, T. Asaba. B. Lawson, P, Kai, C. Tinsman, A. Berkeley, S. Wolgast, Y. S. Eo, D.-J. Kim, Ç. Kurdak, K. Sun, J. W. Allen, X. H. Chen, Y. Y. Zhang, Z. Fisk, and Lu Li), arXiv 1306.522 (2013).

    A CMOS Monolithic Chemiresistor Array for a Micro-Gas Chromatography, (X. Mu, E. Covington, D. Rairigh, Ç. Kurdak, E. T. Zellers, and A. Mason), IEEE Sensors Journal Vol 12, 2192426 (2012).

    Adaptable Chip-Level Microfluidic Packaging for a Micro-Scale Gas Chromatograph, (N. Ward, X. Mu, G. Serrano, E. Covington, Ç. Kurdak, E. T. Zellers, A. Mason, and W. Li), Proceeding of Seventh IEEE International Conference on Nano/Micro Engineered and Molecular Systems, pgs. 57-60 (2012).

    Discovery of the First True Three-Dimensional Topological Kondo Insulator, (S. Wolgast, Ç. Kurdak, K. Sun, J. W. Allen, D. J. Kim, and Z. Fisk), arXiv 1211.5104 (2012).

    Electron Beam Patterned Monolayer Protected Gold Nanoparticle Interface Layers on a Chemiresistor Vapor Sensor Array, (W. H. Steinecker, S. K. Kim, F. Bohrer, L. Farina, Ç. Kurdak, and E. T. Zellers), IEEE Sensors Journal 11, 469 (2011).

    Characterization of Dense Arrays of Chemiresistor Vapor Sensors with Submicrometer Features and Patterned Nanoparticle Interface Layers, (F. I. Bohrer, E. Covington, Ç. Kurdak, and E. T. Zellers), Analytical Chemistry 83, 3687 (2011).

    Bias Dependent Two-Channel Conduction in InAlN/AlN/GaN-Structures, (J. H. Leach, X. Ni, X. Li, M. Wu, U. Ozgur, H. Morkoç, L. Zhou, D. A. Cullen, D. J. Smith, H. Cheng, Ç. Kurdak, J. R. Meyer, and I. Vurgafman), Journal of Applied Physics 107, 083706 (2010).

    [N] Dependence of Electron Effective Mass in GaAsN, (T. Dannecker, J. Bukeridge, S. Fahy, Y. Jin, C. F. Gorman, R. S. Goldman, H. Cheng, and Ç. Kurdak, C. Uher), Physical Review B 82, 125203 (2010).

    Stress-Test Measurements of Lattice Matched InAlN/AlN/GaN HFET Structures, (J. H. Leach, M. Wu, X. Ni, U. Ozgur, H. Morkoç, J. Liberis, E. Sermuksnis, A, Matulionis, H. Cheng, Ç. Kurdak, and Y-T. Moon), Physica Status Solidi A 207, 1345 (2010).

    Two-Subband Conduction in a Gated High Density InAlN/AlN/GaN Heterostructure, (H. Cheng, Ç. Kurdak, J. H. Leach, , M. Wu, and H. Morkoç), Applied Physics Letters 97, 112113 (2010).

    Densely Integrated Array of Chemiresistor Vapor Sensors with Electron-Beam Patterned Monolayer-Protected Gold Nanoparticle Interface Films, (E. Covington, F. I. Bohrer, C. Xu. E. T Zellers, and Ç. Kurdak), Lab on a Chip 10, 3058 (2010).

  • Education
    • Middle East Technical University, Turkey 1988
    • Princeton University Ph.D. 1995.