Kevin Coulter

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Associate Research Scientist

  • Fields of Study
    • Atomic, Molecular, & Optical Experiment
  • About

    Dr. Coulter’s research centers on symmetry tests at low energy to study the physics of and beyond the standard model of elementary particle interactions. This involves the development of optical pumping and nuclear polarization techniques to produce polarized noble gases, typically helium-3 and xenon-129. These techniques developed at Michigan are used, for example, at national facilities such as the National Institute for Standards and Technology and Los Alamos National Laboratory. Two such experiments are emiT and NPDGamma. emiT ( measures an angular correlation in the decay of polarized neutrons to search for CP-violation beyond the standard model. NPDGamma ( will measure a small asymmetry in the interaction of polarized neutrons with protons at low energy to study the nucleon-nucleon weak interaction.

    The polarization techniques are also applied to the production of polarized gases for the enhancement of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), used for experiments on perfusion and the functional imaging of cerebral blood flow. This is a collaboration with other University of Michigan researchers from Radiology, Neuroscience, and Clinical medicine.

  • Education
    • Princeton University.