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Community Television Network (CTN)

Past Saturday Morning Physics talks are now telecast on the city of Ann Arbor Community Television Network (CTN), EduTV channel 18.

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Sundays               12:00 PM

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Fridays                   6:00 PM

Saturdays               7:00 AM


CTN Broadcast Schedule from Week of June 28 - Week of February 28, 2016

CTN Broadcast Date Lecture Title Presenters Original Episode Date
Week of
January 3
Dark Energy, Alchemy and Quantum Teleportation: Science Fiction or
Ph.D. Research
James Antonaglia,
Adam Katcher,
Jessica Muir
April 18, 2015
Week of
January 10
When the Dust Settles: Ice Records Through Time Sarah M. Aciego October 10, 2015
Week of
January 17
Lighting Up Dark Matter Eric Bell October 17, 2015
Week of
January 24
Measuring Time from the Ultrafast to the Ultraprecise Steven Cundiff October 24, 2015
Week of
January 31
The Physics of Halloween Timothy Chupp,
Gregory Tarle
October 31, 2015
Week of
February 7
The James Robert Walker Memorial Lecture: Ice Fishing for Cosmic Neutrinos Francis Halzen November 7, 2015
Week of
February 14
Mighty Cyanobacteria: from Oxygenation of Planet Earth to Pollution of Lake Erie Gregory Dick November 14, 2015
Week of February 21 Mechanobiology at the Cellular Length Scale Allen Liu November 21, 2015
Week of February 28 Coloring the Universe Travis A. Rector December 5, 2015

**If anyone would like to request replays they may do so by calling CTN directly at 734.794.6150.**