Conference Rooms

Physics Conference Rooms and Shared Resources

Click on the appropriate link below to view the "Conference Rooms" schedules. Self-serve rooms can be reserved directly by anyone from the Physics Department (instructions here).

Teleconferencing Equipment Available Location Type Room Details Contact
  2246 PRL
(new Randall)
Conference Room Details Self-serve
  4C21 PRL OPIL Conference Room Room Details Self-serve
  2477C Randall Business Office Conference Room Room Details Email:
  3246 Randall Conference Room Details Self-serve
  3481 Randall Conference Room Details E-mail:
May be available
  4246 Randall Conference Room Details Self-serve
  4404 Randall Lecture Room Details E-mail:
  267B West Hall Applied Physics Conference Room Room Details E-mail:
  335 West Hall Lecture Room Details E-mail:
  337 West Hall Common Room Details E-mail:
Yes 340 West Hall Colloquium
Room Details E-mail:
Yes 348 West Hall Video Conference Room Details May be available
  268 Weiser Hall Lecture Room Details E-mail:
  Large Projector Resource   Self-serve
  Student Services Projector Resource   E-mail:
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