Students exploring New Zealand ecosystems through the Ecoquest Field Studies program

Students exploring New Zealand ecosystems through the Ecoquest Field Studies program


PitE students organizing a flash mob

Gregg Crane and Rolf Bouma

PitE Director Gregg Crane with PitE Faculty Associate Rolf Bouma at PitE's annual Pizza with Professors event


PitE student Nate Lash on a class visit during a sustainability summer program in Denmark


Students during class at the U-M Biological Station

PitE Alumni Career Panel F14

PitE alumni and advisors host at the annual PitE Alumni Career Panel Discussion


Collecting samples on a study abroad program in Costa Rica


PitE students, Buck Castillo and James Green in a bog at sunrise at the UM Bio Station

GASLAND: a multimedia presentation on fracking by Josh Fox on Wednesday, November 11.

Welcome to Program In The Environment (PitE)

The Program in the Environment (PitE) offers both a broad liberal arts education in environmental topics and the opportunity for students to pursue various lines of individual interest in considerable depth.  Broadly speaking, PitE’s curriculum focuses on the complex interactions of human beings and their environment.  To understand these interactions and learn how to create more rational and equitable forms of human habitation on this planet, PitE students develop a multidisciplinary perspective integrating the methods and approaches of the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities.

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Profile: Joe Trumpey from UM Stamps School of Art & Design on Vimeo.