Buy Buy Privacy
LSA Ph.D. student Darren Stevenson explains how advertisers get and use your personal data to predict what you’ll buy—and, sometimes, even what you’ll pay.

Food Addiction: Eat, Drink, and Be Wary
People might joke that they’re addicted to cookies or a favorite flavor of ice cream, but LSA Professor Ashley Gearhardt’s research suggests that addiction to some foods could be no laughing matter.

For Muslims, Bad News Is Bad News
LSA Professor Muniba Saleem explains how exposure to terrorism news increases support for policies that target Muslims.

Basketball in Black and White
A decade before the civil rights movement, the first integrated basketball game occurred in the South. LSA lecturer Scott Ellsworth tells the story in a new book on race and basketball.

Lava and Luxury
In AD 79, Mount Vesuvius erupted in Italy, wiping out a favorite vacation spot of the ancient Roman elite. LSA explores the luxury of one opulent villa and the slave labor that maintained it.

Taxing Times
To mark tax season, one LSA professor takes us on a tour of strange and outlandish taxes that have been assessed throughout history.

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