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Peer Advisor Tips for new students

Get involved with an organization – sports, music, acting troop, volunteer group. It is a great way to meet people, compliment your studies and overall enhance the college experience. –Lindsay Hitchcock, 2006 Political Science and English

My experience has been that there is hardly ever a class that is run the same way as another. For each class, the grading scales are different, the test formats are different, and the lecture styles are different. I really have had to learn how to be flexible in my learning styles, and I think it is important for incoming freshmen to know they’ll have to adapt to different styles of note-taking and testing. – Kelly Reinhardt, Organizational Studies

What I overlooked at the beginning of college was the support system that exists here. I was caught up in trying to be independent, when life would have been much easier if I had gone to department and general advisors earlier. –Brad Baden, 2006 Physics and a Math minor with teaching certification

I want students to understand that homesickness is completely normal and expected, as beginning college is an overwhelming transition for anyone. Being independent does not mean having to cut ties with family; on the contrary, my family has remained a crucial support system the past two years. –Rachel Ricca, Psychology and Linguistics.

Many students are ashamed to admit when they are struggling, since in many cases, it appears that everyone else is not having any trouble. What really matters is individual performance and well-being. – Stephanie Munz, 2006 Biology with Environment and German Studies minors

During orientation, I thought I needed to jump into the many difficult requirements during my first year. I registered for a heavy load of 18 credits when I didn’t even know what 18 credits meant, when I still didn’t know where to buy books, or where the buildings were on campus. As a result, I had a rough adjustment to college life in general. –Kevin Johnson, Neuroscience and French minor

Make use of the PAAO and look at old exams. Every professor is searching for different information and it is really helpful to have an idea of the type of questions they ask and the layout of the exam. – Nicki Dovzan, 2006 Political Science and Psychology

It has taken my four years to finally recognize the significance behind the planner and the ease it gives to my life. Write things down, make to-do lists, stay on top of your stuff and know what’s coming next. –Kendra Bostick, 2006 Psychology

Go to all of your classes. You will do better on exams and will undoubtedly learn more.
--John LaFrance, Psychology and a Statistics minor

Take fewer credits in your first semester, as you are still adjusting to college life. You are only a first-year once, and there are a lot of things this school and campus can offer. You will be busy meeting new people. –Bryan Thomas, Biology

Don’t be scared to make mistakes, just be sure you learn from them. –Wajeeha Shuttari, 2006 Brain, Behavior, and Cognitive Science and Arabic and Islamic Studies

I would stress to students not to choose a major too quickly without doing sufficient self-exploration and reflection. That seems difficult for freshmen when people around the university and at home are constantly asking questions like “What are you majoring in?” Over time, my academic interests have changed. –Melissa Kamin, Organizational Studies and Psychology

This past semester marked the best semester I have had so far here at U of M and it was all because I attended office hours. During my freshman year I was too scared to attend. I was afraid that my professors would think I had insignificant questions. Office hours allowed me to connect better with my teachers and gave me the chance to know them on a personal level. –Meghan Sharp, pre-business

Make use of resources. Anything from academic help such as office hours or the Sweetland Writing Center, to personal life such as CAPS, the university has made these resources available to make life easier for students. –Philip Cheng, Brain, Behavior and Cognitive Science and Music and Crime and Justice minors






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