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Race or Ethnicity A College Requirement

Students who are new to the College of LS&A (that is, first time enrolled as an LS&A student) in the Fall Term of 1991, and thereafter, must (in any term before graduation) receive credit for one of the approved Race or Ethnicity (ROE) courses such as appear in this listing. Each term

Advanced Placement credit can not be applied toward this requirement.

Winter 1993 Race or Ethnicity Courses

American Culture
*203. Periods in American Culture.
Section 004 Race and Gender in American Culture, 1910-1930. (Ardizzone)

205. American Cultures. (Sumida)

210. Topics in Ethnic Studies
Section 001 Introduction to Asian American Studies. (Nomura)

240/WS 240. Introduction to Women

310. Topics in Ethnic Studies.
Section 002 Narratives of the Borderland Self. (Behar)

496. Historical Approaches to American Culture.
Section 002 The Asian American Experience. (Nomura)

498. Literary Approaches to American Culture.
Section 001 Chicano Literature. (Zimmerman)

Biological 362. Problems of Race. (Brace)

* Cultural 101. Introduction to Anthropology. (Peters-Golden)

Cultural 272/Ling. 272. Language in Society. (Mannheim)

Cultural 285. Cult Archaeology. (Ford)

Cultural 356. Topics in Ethnology.
Section 001 Narratives of the Borderland Self. (Behar)

Cultural 447. Culture, Racism, and Human Nature. (Williams)

Asian Studies
*122/Hist. 122. Modern Transformation of East Asia. (Murphey)

202. Freedom of Expression. (Lowenstein).

Comprehensive Studies Program
105. Reading and Writing Seminar Insiders/Outsiders. (Zorn)

224. The Uses of Language. Section 003. (Carlton)

319. Literature and Social Change.
Section 001 Writers on the Left. (Wald)

473. Topics in American Literature.
Section 003 Chicano Literature. (Zimmerman)

*122/Asian Studies 122. Modern Transformation of East Asia. (Murphey)

161. U.S Since 1865. (McDonald)

391. Topics in European History.
Section 001 History of the Jews in Spain. (Bodian)

396. History Colloquium.
Section 001 History of the Jews in Germany. (Bodian)

443/GNE 474. Modern Near East History. (Cole)

477. Latin America: The National Period. (Scott)
College Honors
250. Sophomore Seminar.
Section 002 and 004 Integration, Segregation, and Diversity in Contemporary America. (Allen)

272/Anthro. 272. Language in Society. (Mannheim)

Near Eastern Studies
General Near East 140. Introduction to Arabic Culture and Language. (Rammuny)

General Near East 275. Islam and the West to 1800. (Bonner).

General Near East 474/History 443. Modern Near East History. (Cole)

355. Contemporary Moral Problems. (Anderson)

455. Contemporary Moral Problems. (Anderson)

Political Science
497. Seminar in Comparative Politics.
Section 001 Ethnopolitics in the Former Soviet Union. (Gitelman)

RC Social Science
460. Social Science Senior Seminar.
Section 002 The Asian American Experience. (Nomura)

Slavic Languages and Literatures
Russian 222/UC 176. Russia Today. (Makin)

410. The American Jewish Community. (Schoem)

444. The American Family. (Adams)

University Courses
176/Russian 222. Russia Today. (Makin)

299. Race, Racism, and Ethnicity.

Women's Studies
240/Amer. Culture 240. Introduction to Women's Studies. (Jenkins et al.)




*AC 203 added retroactively 3/19/93
*Anthro. 101 added retroactively 10/5/93
*Asian Studies/Hist 122 added retroactively 11/2/93



This list is subject to change by the College of LS&A Curriculum Committee. Updated versions are posted on the bulletin boards outside 1419 Mason Hall and 1213 Angell Hall. Check these locations to learn about additions or deletions or call POINT-10 (764-6810).

Please direct any questions regarding fulfillment of the LS&A Race or Ethnicity requirement to your advisor or to LSA Checkpoint at POINT-10 (764-6810).


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