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Fall Academic Term 2001 Course Guide

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Courses in Buddhist Studies

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Fall Academic Term, 2001 (September 5 December 21)

Open courses in Buddhist Studies
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BUDDHST 230 / ASIAN 230 / PHIL 230 / RELIGION 230. Introduction to Buddhism.

Section 001.

Instructor(s): Donald Lopez (

Prerequisites & Distribution: (4). (HU).

Foreign Lit

Credits: (4).

Course Homepage: No homepage submitted.

This course is an introduction to some of the major themes in Buddhist thought and practice. Beginning with the early teachings associated with the historical Buddha, the course will go on to consider the development of the tradition in India, China, Japan, and Tibet. Readings will consist of primary texts in translation.

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BUDDHST 480 / ASIAN 480 / PHIL 457 / RELIGION 480. Topics in Buddhism.

Section 001 Theories and Practices of Buddhist Meditation.

Instructor(s): Luis O. Gomez (

Prerequisites & Distribution: Buddhist Studies 230. (3). (Excl).

Foreign Lit

Credits: (3).

Course Homepage:

An introduction to the history and polemical settings of Buddhist theories of meditation, this course includes a discussion of sample, and representative, practices spanning a variety of periods and schools. Traditions of meditation discussed include Chan/Zen, Theravada, Tibetan (Karmapa/Brugpa and Geluk). Sources (all in English translation) include ideal and mythical descriptions from the canonical traditions of South Asian and East Asian schools, prescriptive descriptions from classical and contemporary meditation manuals, and contemporary accounts and prescriptions. The course focuses on a historical and psychological understanding of the techniques, ideals, and polemics of this important aspect of the elite traditions of Buddhism. But we will also explore various uses of these techniques as vehicles for authority claims or instruments of legitimatization. We will discuss the way these theories appear in the actual practices of living Buddhists as well as a number of so-called "popular" perceptions of the meaning and power of meditation. Course requirements are a midterm, a final, and two short (5 page) papers.

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This page was created at 6:50 PM on Wed, Oct 10, 2001.

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