Courses in Biophysics (Division 329)

Fall Term, 1998 (September 8-December 21, 1998)

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520(510/610)/Chem. 520. Biophysical Chemistry I. Chem. 463, Biol. Chem. 415, or Chem 420; permission of course director. (3). (Excl). (BS).
See Chemistry 520. (Zuiderweg)
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570/Biol. Chem. 570. Protein Structure. Introductory biochemistry (Biol. Chem. 415(1). (Excl). (BS).
An introduction to three-dimensional protein structure emphasizing the structural basis of protein functionality. After a review of secondary structure and forces that contribute to protein stability, there is an in-depth examination of the structure of proteins involved in transport, catalysis, membrane electron transport, and cell signaling. (Mark Saper)
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571/Biol. Chem. 570. Nucleotide and Polynucleotide Structure. Biophysics 570. (1). (Excl). (BS).
Topics include Nucleotide, DNA and RNA structure, catalytic RNA molecules, DNA-protein and RNA-protein interactions and fine structure and chromatin structure. (Dennis Thiele)
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