Courses in Middle Eastern and North African Studies (Division 440)

Fall Term, 1998 (September 8-December 21, 1998)

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334/Hist. 334/AAPTIS 364. Selected Topics in Near and Middle Eastern Studies. (3). (Excl).
Section 001 War and Society in the Modern Middle East.
This course covers the history of warfare in the region not simply as military history but as an investigation of the role of war in local politics, in colonialism and anti-colonial movements, in Great Power rivalry, in state formation, and in global competition for resources. Attention will be paid to the colonial wars of the 19th century, of Britain, France, and Russia, and to the wars fought by the Ottoman state. In the Twentieth Century attention will be given to the impact on the region of the two world wars, of wars of independence, of the Arab-Israeli wars, and the Gulf wars. The course will also show a concern with the impact of wars on the lives of ordinary people, and on the economies and demography of the region. This course consists of two 1- 1/2 hour lectures per week and entails a midterm, a final, and short term paper. The readings average 150 pages per week. For further information contact: The University of Michigan, Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies at 1080 South University Avenue, Suite 4640. Telephone 734.764.0350, Fax 734.764.8523. (Cole)
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