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Winter Academic Term 2004 Graduate Course Guide

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Courses in Classical Civilization

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Winter Academic Term 2004 (January 6 - April 30)

CLCIV 481. The Classical Tradition.

Section 001 — Classical Tradition in the Kelsey Museum.

Instructor(s): Susan E Alcock (

Prerequisites: CLCIV 101 or 102. (3). May not be repeated for credit.

Credits: (3).

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This small undergraduate seminar is designed to introduce students to the world of museums their public mission and their many constraints ? with a special focus on the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology at the University of Michigan. Part of class time will revolve around:

- reading and analysis of general works on museum theory and practice

- the history and development of the Kelsey Museum in its University context

- visits (individual or class) to other available museums for autopsy and analysis

- autopsy and analysis of other museum web pages and electronic resources

A significant component of the seminar, however, will involve activities that bring students into thoughtful contact with the Kelsey galleries and collections. The class will meet once a week for three hours; a range of both individual and group projects will be required.

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This page was created at 6:18 PM on Wed, Jan 21, 2004.

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