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The LS&A Advising Center is the focal point within Student Academic Affairs for providing academic services, information and support to students. The Center's mission is four pronged: first to be more responsive to the growing needs of students for academic advising; second, to be more flexible in adapting to the changing needs of our students; third, to provide excellent specialized services to targeted student populations; and fourth, to create and maintain an environment in the Academic Advising Center in which students always come first.

The Advising Center consists of three service units: (1) First-Year Advising Programs; (2) General/Level Advising; and (3) Senior Services. The service units provide improved academic advising, greater operational efficiency within the office, a fuller understanding of our students' needs, and better coordination of academic activities throughout the College.

The First-Year unit concentrates heavily in one-on-one advising and support for new students as they make the sometimes difficult transition to college. During their first year our students should learn how to navigate the University system and where to find the answers to their specific questions and any necessary resources for their individual success. The General/Upper-Level Advising unit focuses primarily on helping sophomores and juniors as they select degree programs and concentrations or consider professional degree requirements or other education beyond the bachelor's degree or even graduation and employment. The Senior Services unit focuses on auditing for completion of degree requirements, Dean's Letters of Recommendation, and preparation for life beyond LS&A.

At Orientation students are assigned an LS&A general advisor who will tailor advice to individual students' needs. Students are encouraged to keep in close contact with their advisor throughout their undergraduate career and to get to know their advisor personally.

General Advisors
1255 Angell Hall * 764-0332

Available to discuss general degree requirements, rules, deadlines, procedures, academic plans and options, and study skills and strategies.

Concentration Advisors

Available to discuss particular requirements of each department's concentration. Appointments are generally made through individual departments.

Bachelor in General Studies (BGS) Advisors
1255 Angell Hall * 764-0332

Available to discuss requirements and the design of a Bachelor in General Studies degree.

Individual Concentration Program (ICP) Advisors
1255 Angell Hall * 764-0332

Available to discuss the Individual Concentrations Program (a concentration specifically designed by the student).

Pre-Professional Advisors
1255 Angell Hall * 764-0332

Pre-law, pre-med, and pre-business advisors are available to discuss options and entrance requirements for these graduate programs.

Specialty Advisors
1255 Angell Hall * 764-0332

Pre-Business, pre-architecture, pre-engineering, School of Education, School of Music, and Study Abroad advisors are available to LS&A students who are interested in those programs.

Students' Counseling Office (SCO) G150 Angell Hall * 763-1553

The LS&A Students' Counseling Office is staffed completely by undergraduates. Providing peer counseling, SCO presents students with an opportunity to share and receive experiences in an informal fashion. The office maintains such resources as course evaluations and examinations. SCO also stocks graduate catalogs from schools across the country as well as the latest in post graduation materials.

Residence Hall Advising

The Academic Advising Center maintains an advisor program in the residence halls. In most buildings, a general academic advisor maintains regularly scheduled office hours in the building throughout the academic year. Responsibilities include advising and meeting with students and in-residence staff on academic matters. The academic advisors also conduct small group informational meetings throughout the school year on numerous academic topics (e.g., discussions on the different distribution patterns, choosing an academic concentration, and general degree requirements for the College). Residence hall staff members are encouraged to contact academic advisors or refer students to an academic advisor and academic resources when they are aware that students on their corridor may be having academic difficulties or questions.

Residence Hall Academic Peer Advisors (APA)

The Academic Peer Advisor (APA) Program is another outreach effort to students in University housing from the LS&A Academic Advising Center. These student advisors have been trained extensively in College policies, procedures, and curricula and can be of valuable help in dealing with issues of academic difficulty or course planning. If they don't have the answers, they are knowledgeable sources of referral. Feel free to stop by during the hours listed below and get acquainted with your APA.

E-Mail Advising

Advisors communicate with their students on a regular basis throughout the year via e-mail. You can contact your academic advisor via e-mail or message:

Student Academic Affairs Website:

On-line information on degree requirements, resources, and programs.

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