Courses in Geography (Division 374)

201/Geol. 201. Introductory Geography: Water, Climate, and Mankind. No credit granted to those who have completed or are enrolled in GS 268. Those with credit for GS 111 may only elect Geog. 201 for 3 credits. (4). (NS). (BS).
See Geology 201. (Stixrude)
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432/Urban Planning 532. Sustainable Environments: International Perspectives. (3). (Excl).
This course is an inquiry into alternative views of the environment that are used to find value in nature, and to draw sustenance, wealth, and power from nature. Ways of living in local, traditional societies are contrasted with life in industrial and global, post-industrial society. Focus is on food and nutrition needs in traditional societies, the depletion of resources and pollution of living spaces everywhere, and the conflict between local and global perspectives on what is needed to sustain human life on the planet. The purpose of the course is to present descriptions and identify issues of how various societies view and use the environment. We seek pragmatic approaches to sustainable societies that will inform students of urban andregional planning, natural resources, and others interested in creating effective environmental policy. Topics addressed include human nutritional needs and food production policies (our primary link to the rest of nature is that we eat), types of unsustainability resulting from cross-cultural conflicts over means for sustenance, market failures, regulatory inadequacies, and the consequences of accelerating technological change. Interdisciplinary and international perspectives are presented. Lecture format, two 1-1/2 hour lecture/discussion sessions per week. A course pack will be available from the Art and Architecture Copy Center. Materials will be distributed in the classroom. Class exercises (30%), midterm (20%), final examination (20%), and term paper (30%). (Nystuen)
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