The First-Year Seminar Program offers entering LS&A students a small group learning experience. Students participate in groups of approximately 18-25 and explore subjects of particular interest in collaboration with a faculty member who has chosen to work with first-year students in a seminar setting. It is hoped that students who take a seminar will find in it a sense of intellectual and social community that will make the transition from high school to a large university easier.

First-Year Seminars are taught through the University Courses division of the College (Division 495) or individual departments and programs. Course descriptions can be found later in this Course Guide. First-Year Seminars are 3- or 4-credit courses which may be used toward fulfillment of the Area Distribution requirement in Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, or the Introductory Composition requirement.

The following First-Year Seminars will be offered by departments and programs in the Winter Term, 1998. Although First-Year Seminars are generally restricted to first-year students, some are also open to upper-level students. Course descriptions appear in the departmental listings of this Course Guide.

This list is subject to change.

Afroamerican and African Studies 103. (SS).

001. Families and Conflict in African Society. (Scarnecchia). TTh 1-2:30.

American Culture 103. (HU).

001. Alternative Americas: Science Fiction as History. (Howard). TTh 2:30-4.

Asian Studies 150. (HU).

001. Buddhism and Science. (Lopez ). TTh 11:30-1.

002. Other Hearts and Other Minds: Poetries of Asia. (Hook). TTh 4-5:30.

Astronomy 125. (NS).

001. Observational Astronomy. (Bernstein). MWF 3-4 & Lab M or T 9-11 pm.

Classical Civilization 120. (HU).

001. Death on Display in the Ancient World. (Alcock). WF 9:30-11.

002. Warriors, Women, and the Gods: Epic and Ancient Society. (Witke). MWF 2-3.

English 124. (Intro. Comp.).

011. Writing American Identities. (Gonzalez). TTh 1-2:30.

016. Writing and Literature. (Winn). TTh 11:30-1.

017. High Culture/Low Culture. (Robinson). TTh 1-2:30.

018. Film and Society. (Howes). T 2-4, Th 2-3.

027. Writing and Literature. (Warren). TTh 2:30-4.

034. Writing and Literature. (Whittier-Ferguson). TTh 11-12:30.

043. Writing and Literature. (Tanke). MW 1-2:30.

English 125. (Intro. Comp.).

016. College Writing. (Beauchamp). MWF 9-10.

English 140. (HU).

001. Comic Responses to Catastrophe. (Bauland). MWF 3-4.

002. Comparative Literature in Asia, America, Africa. (Johnson). TTh 10-11:30.

003. Gothic Bodies. (Raitt). TTh 10-11:30.

Geological Sciences 265. (NS).

001. How to Build a Habitable Planet. (Van der Pluijm). MWF 10-11.

Geological Sciences 270. (NS).

001. Plate Tectonics. (Lithgow-Bertelloni). TTh 10-11:30.

Geological Sciences 274. (NS).

001. Dinosaur Extinction and Other Controversies. (Baumiller). TTh 11:30-1.

Geological Sciences 275. (NS).

001. Ice Ages: Past and Present. (Moore). MWF 10-11.

Geological Sciences 278. (NS).

001. Earthlike Planets. (Van Keken). TTh 1-2:30.

History 196. (SS).

001. Families and Conflict in African Society. (Scarnecchia). TTh 1-2:30.

002. Nationalism and Self-Determination in the Soviet Union: The Karabagh Movement in Armenia, 1988-1990. (Platz). T 9-12.

003. The Creation and Destruction of Yugoslavia. (J. Fine). TTh 2:30-4.

History 197. (HU).

001. The Construction and Deconstruction of Liberalism. (Porter). TTh 2:30-4.

003. Environment and History in Europe. (Squatriti). TTh 2:30-4.

004. Selling It Like It Was: The American Experience of Popular History. (Gordon). TTh 10-11:30.

History of Art 194. (HU).

001. Zen Icons? Zen Art? (Sharf). MWF 11-12.

Italian 150. (HU).

001. Witchcraft in Renaissance Italy. (Gallucci). MWF 12-1.

Japanese 250. (HU).

001. Japan's Encounter with the West. (Ramirez-Christiansen). MW 2:30-4.

Linguistics 102. (HU).

001. Language and Humor. (Heath). MW 10-11:30.

002. Words and Their Uses: Studying Vocabulary in Time, Space, and Social Life. (Milroy). TTh 11:30-1.

Linguistics 103. (SS).

001. Language and Gender. (Keller-Cohen). TTh 10-11:30.

Math 127. (MSA/QR/1).

001. Geometry and the Imagination. MTWF 10-11.

Philosophy 196. (HU).

001. The Death of God and the Meaningful Life. (Mangiafico). MW 1-2:30.

Psychology 120. (SS).

001. Psychology and Non-Ordinary Experience. (Mann). TTh 1-2:30.

002. Late Life Potential. (Perlmutter). M 2-5.

003. Dreams. (Wolowitz). TTh 11:30-1.

004. Why Go into the Burning House: Altruism and Helping Behaviors. (Jackson). MW 1-2:30.

005. Psychology and the Law. (Pachella). MTF 4-6.

006. Constructing the Self. (Leary). WF 11:30-1.

007. Psychology and the Culture of Fertility, Pregnancy, and Motherhood. (Merriwether). TTh 10-11:30.

008. Topics. (Mayman). Th 12-3.

Psychology 121. (NS).

001. The Human Mind and Brain. (Polk). TTh 10-11:30.

Slavic Film and Surveys 151. (Intro. Comp.).

002. New York, Paris, St. Petersburg: The City in Literature. (Carpenter). MW 1-2:30.

Sociology 105. (SS).

001. Social Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships. (Orbuch). TTh 10-11:30.

002. People and Global Environmental Changes. (Rockwell). TTh 8:30-10.

University Course 150. First-Year Seminar. (HU).

001. Understanding and Appreciating Poetry. (Barrows). TTh 2:30-4.

002. The Arts Alive: An Introduction to the Arts in Ann Arbor. (Nisbett). TTh 10-11:30.

003. Fictional World of Ernest Hemingway. (Shafter). MWF 10-11.

004. Magic, Religion, and the Bible. (Schmidt). MW 1-2:30.

University Course 151. First-Year Seminar. (SS).

001. Why Grandpa Went to War: The Psychology of Obedience and Drives Toward World War. (Brown). TTh 2:30-4.

002. Public Education for Blacks and Other Minorities. (Palmer). TTh 10-11:30.

003. Theories of Socioeconomic Class. (Weinberg). TTh 11:30-1.

004. Medicine, Culture, and Creativity. (Nerenberg). MW 1-2:30.

005. Epidemics: Mass Disease in American History. (Pernick). TTh 2:30-4.

006. Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships. (Menlo). W 2-5.

University Course 153. First-Year Seminar. (Intro. Comp.).

001. Democracies in Danger. (Potter). TTh 10-11:30.

Women's Studies 150. (HU).

001. Gothic Bodies. (Raitt). TTh 10-11:30.

Women's Studies 151. (SS).

001. Women in War and Peace. (Larimore). MW 2:30-4.

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