Research Opportunities

The Sociology Undergraduate Research Opportunity program (SURO) allows declared majors to learn more about a specific topic in the discipline as well as practice sociological research methods by assisting a faculty member or a graduate student with their ongoing research projects. Students earn academic credit (SOC 394) for their assistance.

Learning Outcomes
Working as an undergraduate research assistant provides useful skills and abilities, including:
• creating annotated bibliographies,
• abstracting (i.e. summarizing) journal articles,
• knowing more about how sociology research is conducted,
• searching library databases relevant to the research topic,
• and becoming familiar with data collection and analysis procedures.

Open Research ProjectsA list of open research assistantships and the details of SOC 394.

Each of the documents below provides details about ongoing projects and instructions on how to apply for the assistantship.

Open Projects

Michigan Recession and Recovery Study

Race, Neighborhoods, and Racial Segregation 

How the Corporate Elite Reconvened in the Nonprofit Sector

Everyday Resistance: The Illegal Use of Private Property in Detroit

Black College Students: Racial identity, class identity, and worldviews in the process of upward mobility

Morality Vectors in Science: How Public-Engagement and Risk-Talk Travel in Scientific Discourse

Transfer Students and Educational Inequality

The Tahir Effect: Tahrir, Space, Repertoire and the Egyptian Revolution of 2011

Science and Its Discontents: Anti-Science Activism for Nanotechnology, GMOs, Fracking, and the Large Hadron Collider

Inflated Hopes, Taxing Times: The Politics of Economic Crisis in the Long 1970s

Redefning National Identity: Anti-Semitism, Jewish Renaissance, and Philo-Semitism in Contemporary Poland

If you are selected to assist with a project, you will meet with the SURO instructor to discuss the research topic, goals for the project, and expectations for your contribution. You will be expected to keep a record of the time you spend on tasks and describe research activities in journal format.


The SURO instructor must request from the department’s staff an override for you to register for SOC 394. You are responsible for making sure you are officially enrolled for SOC 394 before the semester’s drop/add deadline.