For the degree

Students electing an area, interdepartmental, or special concentration may count no more than 60 credits in any one department. For BGS students, no more than 60 credits may be elected in all SUBJECTs of a department.

For the concentration

No more than 60 credits in a concentration (including courses in one department and the required cognates) may be counted toward the 120 for the degree. When an academic department has two or more SUBJECTs (e.g., Anthropology, Romance Languages and Literatures), a student may count a total of 60 credits from that department, not from each SUBJECT.

No more than 60 credits in one language (other than English) may be counted in the 120 required for a degree. However, the 60 credit limit on courses elected in one concentration may be exceeded when the excess credits have been used to meet the language requirement.

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