American Culture Faculty Listing

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Professor June M. Howard, Chair (1/1/14-6/30/17)

Associate Professor Evelyn Alsutany, Acting Associate Chair

Associate Professor Evelyn Alsutany, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Associate Professor Kristin Hass, Director of Graduate Studies

Professor Amy Stillman, Director of Asian/Pacific Islander American Studies

Associate Professor Larry La Fountain-Stokes, Director of Latina/o Studies

Associate Professor Scott Lyons, Director of Native American Studies

Academics and Requirements


James W. Cook, Jr. (History / American Culture), 19th-century, cultural and intellectual, African-American, popular/mass culture, visual culture, capitalism

Philip Deloria (American Culture/History) (Carroll Smith-Rosenberg Collegiate Professor of History and American Culture), 19th-century cultural history and theory; Native American history; history of the American West; American environmental history

Gregory Dowd  (American Culture / History), Native American and Early American History

Julie Ellison (American Culture / English Language and Literature), Atlantic studies, culture & citizenship; public engagement & community practice

Jonathan Freedman (American Culture / English Language and Literature) (Marvin Felheim Collegiate Professor of English, American Studies, and Judaic Studies), late 19th-century British and American literature

Sandra Gunning (American Culture / Afroamerican and African Studies), American studies; 19th- and 20th-century American literature; African American literature; African diaspora studies; interdisciplinary approaches to literature, feminism and gender studies; and travel writing

June Howard (American Culture / English Language and Literature / Women's Studies) (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of English, American Culture, and Women's Studies), late 19th- and  early 20th-century U.S. literature and culture, American studies, women’s studies 

Mary C. Kelley (American Culture / History) (Ruth Bordin Collegiate Professor of History, American Culture and Women's Studies), American intellectual history, American culture, and women’s studies

Tiya Miles (American Culture / Afroamerican and African Studies / History) (Elsa Barkley Brown Collegiate Professor of African American Women’s History), African American and Native American interrelated and comparative histories, especially 19th-century African American women’s history and literature, and U.S. women’s history

Lisa Nakamura (American Culture / Screen Arts & Cultures) (Gwendolyn Calvert Baker Collegiate Professor of American Culture and Screen Arts), Asian American studies, digital media theory, digital game studies, feminist theory, film and television studies, race and gender in new media

Silvia Pedraza (American Culture / Sociology), sociology of immigration, race, and ethnicity in America

Alexandra Stern (Zina Pitcher Collegiate Professor in the History of Medicine), health and society, reproductive politics, genetics and social justice

Amy Stillman, ethnomusicology, Pacific Islands performance traditions, dance ethnology 

Penny Von Eschen (American Culture / History) (Riehard Hudson Research Professor of History), transnational cultural and political dynamics

Magdalena Zaborowska (American Culture / Afroamerican and African Studies), African-American and American literary and cultural studies


Associate Professors

Evelyn Alsutany , Arab-American, cultural, comparative ethnic, and gender studies

Paul Anderson (American Culture/Afroamerican and African Studies), modern U.S. cultural history; cultural history of popular music

Maria Cotera (American Culture / Women's Studies), Latina/o gender studies; comparative ethnic studies; ethnography

Matthew Countryman (American Culture / History), African-American social movements, 20th-century U.S. history

Joseph P. Gone (Psychology / American Culture), mental health services for American Indians, cultural psychology

Kristin Hass, Visual culture, material culture, museum studies, memory, 20th-century cultural history

Jesse Hoffnung-Garskof (American Culture / History), Latino studies, Latin American and Caribbean history

Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes (American Culture / Romance Languages & Literatures), Latina/o studies, Puerto Rican & Hispanic Caribbean studies; women’s, gender, & sexuality studies; lesbian, gay, &queer studies

Scott Richard Lyons (American Culture / English Language and Literature), Native American and global indigenous studies, race and post colonial studies, literary and cultural theory

Anthony P. Mora (American Culture / History), 19th-century United States; historical construction of race, gender, and sexuality in the U.S.; Mexican-American history; Latino/a history; the history of sexuality

Susan Najita (American Culture / English Language and Literature), Pacific literatures in English; Asian American literatures. U.S. minority literatures

Yeidy Rivero (Screen Arts & Cultures / American Culture), television studies; race and media; global media; Latino/a, Spanish Caribbean, Latin American, and African diaspora studies

Xiomara Santamarina(American Culture / Afroamerican and African Studies / English Language and Literature), 19th-Century African-American literatures with a primary focus on autobiography and slave narrative

Gustavo Verdesio (American Culture/Romance Languages and Literatures), Colonial studies, Native American Studies, American culture, cultural studies, material culture

Michael Witgen (American Culture / History), American Indian and early American history, the North American West, borderlands history, and pre-confederation Canada

Assistant Professors

Stephen Berrey (American Culture / History), African-American cultural & American cultural history

Amy Sara Carroll (American Culture / English Language and Literature), Latina/o studies; performance studies; multicultural literature studies

John Cheney-Lippold, Internet studies, cultural studies, code and algorithm studies

Manan Desai, South Asian American studies

Colin Gunckel (American Culture / Screen Arts & Cultures), Chicano/Latino film and media, Latina American cinema, Mexican cinema

Brandi Hughes (American Culture / History), North American religion, African-American religious and intellectual history in the 20th century

Daniel Ramirez (American Culture / History), American religious history; African American studies, Latin American cultural studies, cultural anthropology



Bruce Conforth, blues music (especially pre-WWII), history of American popular music, 20th-century American cultural history

Judith Daubenmier, Native American history

Rima Hassouneh (American Culture / Near Eastern Studies), Arab-American literature, Muslim and Arab identities in the U.S.

Emily Lawsin (American Culture / Women's Studies), Asian American studies, Filipina/o American history, literature, & communities; community service-learning; Asian American activism

Richard Meisler, health and the 60’s

Alphonse Pitawanakwat, Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) language instruction

Jason Wright  (American Culture / Residential College), Sculpture + Design

Professors Emeriti

James McIntosh, 19th-century American literature

Carroll Smith-Rosenberg (American Culture/History/Women's Studies) (Mary Frances Berry Professor of History and Women's Studies), women's history; history of sexuality; early America

Alan Wald (American Culture / English Language and Literature) (H. Chandler Davis Collegiate Professor of English and American Culture), 20th-century U.S. cultural Left


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