Chemistry Faculty listing


Philip C. Andrews, Biological Chemistry, Bioanalytical Chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Chemical Biology

Mark M. Banaszak Holl, Synthetic and Mechanistic Solution, Surface, and Solid State Chemistry

Charles L. Brooks III (Warner-Lambert/Parke-Davis Professor of Chemistry and Biophysics), Molecular Chemistry

Heather A. Carlson, Computational Chemistry and Theoretical Biophysics

Zhan Chen, Biomaterial and polymer surface, biocompatibility

Mary Sue Coleman (President of the University of Michigan)

Brian P. Coppola (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), Organic chemistry, Chemical Education

Carol A. Fierke (Jerome and Isabella Karle Distinguished University Professor of Chemistry), Biological Chemistry

Anthony H. Francis (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), Magnetic Resonance, Vibrational and Electronic Spectroscopy of Solids

Eitan Geva, Theoretical and Computational chemistry

Gary D. Glick (Werner E. Bachmann Professor of Chemistry), Bioorganic Chemistry, Molecular Recognition

Theodore Goodson III (Richard Barry Bernstein Collegiate Professor of Chemistry), Physical Chemistry

Kristina Hakansson (Dow Corning Assistant Professor), Analytical Chemistry; State-of-the-art mass spectrometric techniques

Robert T. Kennedy (Hobart H. Willard Distinguished University Professor of Chemistry), Analytical Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Bioanalytical Chemistry, Chemical Separations, Mass Spectrometry

Jinsang Kim (Materials Science & Engineering), molecular design, synthesis, modification, and self-assembly of smart polymers for biomedical and optoelectronic applications

Raoul Kopelman (Kasimir Fajans Professor of Chemistry, Physics, & Applied Physics; Richard Smalley Distinguished University Professor of Chemistry), Analytical/Biophysical/Materials Chemistry Laser Spectroscopy, Nano-Imaging and Fiber Optic Chemical Nano-Sensors; Molecular Optics; Fractal Reaction Kinetics

David Lubman, Biological Mass Spectrometry, Spectroscopy and Instrumentation

Anna K. Mapp (Edwin Vedejs Collegiate Professor of Chemistry), Organic chemistry, chemical biology, new synthetic methods

E. Neil G. Marsh, Enzymes: structure mechanism and specificity; protein engineering and molecular recognition

Adam J. Matzger (Charles G. Overberger Collegiate Professor of Chemistry), Organic, polymers/organic materials

Anne J. McNeil (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), Polymer Chemistry, Organic/Materials Chemistry

Mark E. Meyerhoff (Philip J. Elving Collegiate Professorship in Chemistry), Membrane Electrodes, Gas Sensors, Analytical Applications of Immobilized Bio-reagents, Enzyme-linked Competitive Binding Assays, New Stationary Phases for Liquid Chromatography

John Montgomery, Organic Chemistry

Michael D. Morris (Richard D. Sacks Collegiate Professor of Chemistry), Analytical Laser Spectroscopy and Imaging; Electrophoretic Separations

Vincent L. Pecoraro (John T. Groves Collegiate Professor of Chemistry), Synthetic Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry

James Penner-Hahn (George A. Lindsay Collegiate Professor of Chemistry and Biophysics), Biophysical Chemistry and Inorganic Spectroscopy. Investigation of Metal Site Structure in Bioinorganic Systems; X-ray, EPR and NMR Spectroscopy of Proteins

Ayyalusamy Ramamoorthy (Robert W. Perry Collegiate Professor of Chemistry), Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy, Structural Biology of Membrane Proteins, Study of Polymers

Melanie Sanford  (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor; Moses Gomberg Collegiate Professor of Chemistry), Organometallic Chemistry

Roseanne Sension, Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy and Chemical Reaction Dynamics

David Sherman, Medicinal Chemistry

Corey Stephenson, development of new strategies and methodologies for the synthesis of natural products

Nils G. Walter, Chemical biology; Folding and function of catalytic RNA; Biophysical Chemistry of nucleic acids

John P. Wolfe  (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), Organic Chemistry

Ronald W. Woodard, Medicinal Chemistry

Edward T. Zellers, Microfabricated chemical sensors; interfacial chemistry; polymer-solvent interactions; occupational/environ - mental exposure assessment

Associate Professors

Bart M. Bartlett, Inorganic, Materials

Kevin J. Kubarych, Physical Chemistry

Nicolai Lehnert, Inorganic Chemistry

Stephen Maldonado, Electrochemistry, Semiconductor Photoelectrochemistry, Materials Chemistry, Surface Science, Corrosion, Heterogeneous Electrocatalysis

Brent Martin, Biological Chemistry

Brandon T. Ruotolo, Development of Hybrid Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry Instrumentation, Structural Biology of Macromolecular Multi-protein Complexes, Amyloid Formation

Assistant Professors

Julie S. Biteen, Physical and Biophysical Chemistry; Single-molecule Imaging and Nanphotonics

Barry D. Dunietz, Theoretical Physical Chemistry

Kenichi Kuroda, Physical Chemistry

Mi Hee Lim, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Inorganic Chemistry

Pavel Nagorny (Robert A. Gregg Professor of Chemistry), Organic Chemistry

Matthew B. Soellner, Organic and Medicinal Chemistry of Protein Tyrosine Kinases

Nathaniel Szymczak (Dow Corning Assistant Professor of Chemistry), Inorganic Chemistry


Amy Gottfried, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry

Kathleen Nolta, Organic Chemistry

Jadwiga T. Sipowska (Kasimir Fajans Collegiate Lecturer), Physical Chemistry, General Chemistry

Associate Research Scientist

Jinfan Huang

Assistant Research Scientists

Karunesh Arora

Aniruddha Deb

Antek Wong Foy

Professors Emeriti

Arthur J. Ashe, III, Organometallic Chemistry of Main-Group Elements

Lawrence S. Bartell, Structural chemistry, molecular vibrations, laser processes, and nucleation in supersonic flow

S.M. Blinder, Theoretical chemistry, quantum mechanics and applications

Dimitri Coucouvanis (Lawrence S. Bartell Collegiate Professor of Chemistry), Synthesis, Structures and Reactivities of Metal Clusters

James K. Coward, Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry; Organic chemistry related to biological reactions; mechanism of enzyme-catalyzed reactions; synthesis and enzymology of mechanism-based enzyme inhibitors

M. David Curtis, Organometallic Chemistry; Organometallic Polymers, Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Catalysis

Thomas M. Dunn, Optical spectroscopy of large (benzoid and fused ring systems) and small (mainly heterogeneous di- and triatomic) molecules; R2PI jet spectra of condensed ring aromatic molecules and the study of conformers and their possible interconversion

Billy Joe Evans, Solid State Chemistry: Electronic and Magnetic Materials

John L. Gland, Solid State and Surface Chemistry, Physical Chemistry

Adon A. Gordus, Radioanalytical-Radiation Chemistry

Henry C. Griffin, Hot and Cold Nuclei; Nuclear Chemistry

Masato Koreeda (Chemistry / Medicinal Chemistry, College of Pharmacy), Natural Product Synthesis and Bioorganic Mechanisms

R.L. Kuczkowski, Molecular Spectroscopy of Weakly Bonded Complexes

Richard G. Lawton (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), Bioorganic Reagents as Chemical Probes of Molecular Architecture

Lawrence L. Lohr, Theoretical Studies of Molecular Structure and Reactivity

Daniel T. Longone, macromolecular chemistry

Joseph P. Marino, New Synthetic Methods and Strategies for Natural Product Synthesis

Rowena Matthews (Chemistry / Biological Chemistry, Medical School) (G. Robert Greenberg University Professor of Biological Chemistry), Biophysical Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Mechanisms of B12- and folate dependent enzymes

Christer E. Nordman, X-Ray crystallography and biomolecular structure

Paul G. Rasmussen (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), Polymer/Inorganic Chemistry

Robert R. Sharp, Multidimensional and Multiquantum NMR of Paramagnetic Systems

Peter A.S. Smith, Organic Chemistry 

Leroy B. Townsend, Design and Synthesis of Heterocycles and Nucleosides

Edwin Vedejs (Moses Gomberg Collegiate Professor of Chemistry), Organic Chemistry

Edgar F. Westrum, Jr., experimental chemical thermodynamics, largely low temperature calorimetry

John R. Wiseman, Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Mechanisms of Chemical Reactions

Charles F. Yocum (Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology / Chemistry) (Alfred S. Sussman University Professor of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology), Biological Chemistry of Photosynthetic Water Oxidation

Lecturer Emerita

Nancy Konigsberg Kerner, General Chemistry, Chemical Education



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