Chinese Studies Faculty Listing


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Associate Professor Mary Gallagher (Political Science), Director

Academics and Requirements


William Baxter (Chinese Language and Linguistics, ALC)

Chun-shu Chang (History)

San Duanmu (Linguistics)

Susan Erickson (History of Art) (UM-Dearborn)

Nicholas Howson (Law)

Joseph Lam (Musicology)

Jersey Liang (Health Management and Policy)

Linda Lim (Business Strategy)

Daniel Little (Philosophy) (Chancellor, UM-Dearborn)

Donald Lopez (Buddhist and Tibetan Studies. ALC)

Kevin Miller (SOE Education Studies and Psychology)

Erik Mueggler (Anthropology)

Abé Markus Nornes (Screen Arts, Art & Design, Asian Languages and Cultures)

David Porter (English & Comparative Literature)

Martin Powers (History of Art & Chinese Art and Cultures)

Bright Sheng (Music & Music Composition)

Xiaobing Tang (Comparative Literature) (Helmut F. Stern Professor of Modern Chinese Studies)

Twila Tardif (Psychology)

Arland Thornton (Sociology & Population Studies)

Yu Xie (Sociology & Statistics)

Associate Professors

Robert Adams (Architecture)

Miranda Brown (Early Chinese Culture, ALC)

Pär Cassel (History)

Lan Deng (Architecture and Urban Planning)

Christian de Pee (History)

Mary Gallagher (Political Science)

Lydia Li (Social Work)

David Rolston (Chinese Language and Literature, ALC)

Wang Zheng (Women's Studies)

Assistant Professors

Yuen Yuen Ang (Political Science)

Benjamin Brose (Buddhist Studies, ALC)

Jing Cai (Economics)

Sarah Kile (Chinese Literature, ALC)

Benjamin Levey (History) (UM-Dearborn)

Emily Wilcox (Modern Chinese Studies, ALC)

Xun Wu (Business)

Ming Xu (Natural Resources)

Minyuan Zhao (Business)


Laura Grande (Chinese Language)

Karen Gu (Chinese Language)

Jinyi Li (Chinese Language)

Qian Liu (Chinese Language)

Wei Liu (Chinese Language, Director)

Sonam Tsering (Tibetan Language)

Haiqing Yin (Chinese Language)

Yan Zhong (Chinese Language)


Professors Emeriti

Robert Dernberger (Economics)

Kenneth DeWoskin (Chinese Literature)

Richard Edwards (History of Art)

Yi-tsi Mei Feuerwerker (Chinese Literature)

Luis O. Gómez (Buddhist Studies & Psychology)

Whitmore Gray (Law)

Albert Hermalin (Sociology)

Noriko Kamachi (History)

Kenneth Lieberthal (Political Science & Business Administration)

Shuen-fu Lin (Chinese Literature)

Harriet Mills (Chinese Literature)

Donald Munro (Philosophy & Chinese)

Deborah Oakley (Nursing)

Vern Terpstra (International Business)

Cho-yee To (Education)

Weiying Wan (Librarian)

Marshall Wu (History of Art & Curator of Asian Art)

Ernest Young (History) 

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