Comparative Literature Faculty Listing


Frieda Ekotto (Afroamerican and African Studies), 20th-Century French Literature and Theory; Francophone Culture and Literature; Law and Literature; Psychoanalysis; Film

David Halperin (W. H. Auden Distinguished University Professor of the History and Theory of Sexuality) (English), Poetics, History of Sexuality; Lesbian/Gay Studies; Queer Theory

Daniel Herwitz (Mary Fair Croushore Professor of Humanities; Frederick G.L. Huetwell Professor) (Institute for the Humanities, History of Art, Philosophy), Continental, Social, Aesthetics, especially Film and Architecture

Vassilios Lambropoulos (C.P. Cavafy Professor of Modern Greek Studies) (Classical Studies), modern Greek culture; the ancients and the moderns; ethics and politics; literature after cultural studies

Tomoko Masuzawa (History), Discourses on Religion; History of the Human Sciences (19th to 20th century); History of the Study of Religion; Critical Theory and Hermeneutics; Psychoanalysis

Peggy McCracken (Romance Language & Literatures / Women's Studies / Comparative Literature) (Domna C. Stanton Collegiate Professor of French, Women's Studies and Comparative Literature), Medieval literature, history, and theory; French and Occitan Literature, Gender and Sexuality

David L. Porter (English), 18th-Century European literature; aesthetics; material culture; intellectual history; China in the western imagination

Yopie Prins (English), English Literature; Translation Studies; Nineteenth-century poetry; history and theory of lyric; translation and reception of classic,

Anton Shammas (Near Eastern Studies), Middle Eastern literature, Translation Studies

Xiaobing Tang (Helmut F. Stern Professor of Modern Chinese Studies), Modern and contemporary Chinese literature and visual culture; realism and modernism

Silke-Maria Weineck (Germanic Languages), 18th- and 19th-Century German Literature; philosophy in Classical and Modern literature, aesthetics; political theory

Associate Professors

Tatjana Aleksić (Slavic), Literary Theory; Postmodern Fiction; Contemporary Balkan literature, with an emphasis on Serbian and Modern Greek fiction; Balkan Film; Myth, History, and Memory; Nationalism; Postcolonialism; Exile; Issues of Identity; Gender; Migration and Post-Migration Literature; Balkan Folklore and Oral poetry; Travel Writing; Music

Catherine Brown (Romance Languages: Spanish), European Middle Ages (Spanish, French, Latin); medieval and contemporary practices of interpretation; translation

Alina Clej (Romance Languages: French), 19th- and 20th-century French literature; comparative literature; writing in exile; translation

Santiago Colás (Comparative Literature / Residential College), Latin American literature; comparative literature; Zen Buddhism; pragmatism

Basil Dufallo (Classical Studies ), Latin literature, Roman culture, critical/cultural theory, postclassical Latin

Christi Merrill (South Asian Literature), Theory and Practice of Translation (Hindi, French, Rajasthani); Postcoloniality; Oral to Written Literature; Literary Humor; Narratives of Displacement

Ruth Tsoffar (Women's Studies), Feminism, sexuality and gender; Colonialism, ethnicity, and nationalism; Poetry and poetics; Hebrew culture and literature; The politics of writing, reading, and culture in Israel and the Middle East; Biblical narrative, ethnography and folklore


Assistant Professors

Benjamin Paloff (Slavic), Comparative approaches to Polish, Russian, and Czech literatures, philosophy in literature, poetics, and translation in theory and practice

Antoine Traisnel (Comparative Literature / English Language and Literature), Critical Theory and Philosophy, 19th-century American Literature, Technology, Epistemology, Posthumanism, Critical Animal Studies

 Professor Emeritus

Ross Chambers (French)

Stuart McDougal


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