Complex Systems Faculty List

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Professor Charles R. Doering (Mathematics), Acting Director (9/1/13-6/30/14)

Professor Scott E. Page  (Complex Systems, Political Sciences, Economics), Director (7/1/09-6/30/15)

Academics and Requirements



Charles Doering (Mathematics, Physics, Complex Systems)

Mark Newman  (Physics, Complex Systems) (Paul A.M. Dirac Collegiate Professor of Physics)

Scott E. Page (Complex Systems, Political Sciences, Economics) (Leonard Hurwicz Collegiate Professor of Political Science, Complex Systems and Economic) 

Mercedes Pascual (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Complex Systems)

Pej Rohani (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Complex Systems)

Len Sander (Physics, Complex Systems)

Carl P. Simon (Mathematics, Public Policy, Complex Systems)

Associate Professors

Lada A. Adamic (Complex Systems, School of Information)

Robert D. Deegan (Complex Systems, Physics)

Assistant Professor

Elizabeth Bruch (Complex Systems, Sociology)

Research Scientists  

Rick L. Riolo

Irving T. Salmeen 


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