Curators and Researchers of the Museum of Paleontology

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Professor Daniel Fisher (Earth and Environmental Sciences / Ecology & Evolutionary Biology), Director  (July 1, 2011-June 30, 2014)


Tomasz R. Baumiller (Earth and Environmental Sciences), Curator of Invertebrates
Paleontology, biomechanics

Daniel C. Fisher (Earth and Environmental Sciences / Ecology & Evolutionary Biology), (Claude W. Hibbard Collegiate Professor of Paleontology), Curator of Vertebrates, Curator of Invertebrates
Invertebrate paleontology, evolutionary functional morphology


Associate Curators

Robyn J. Burnham (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology / Earth & Environmental Sciences), Associate Curator of Paleobotany / Associate Curator of Vascular Plants, Herbarium 
Paleobotany; Tropical plant ecology and systematics

Jeffrey A. Wilson (Earth and Environmental Sciences), Associate Curator of Vertebrates
Paleontology; Origin and evolution of sauropod dinosaurs; Mesozoic vertebrates of Indo-Pakistan; Paleoichnology; Paleobiogeography of Gondwana

Research Scientists

Catherine Badgley (Associate Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology / Residential College), Vertebrate paleontology

Laura MacLatchy (Professor, Anthropology), Postcranial functional morphology, primate locomotion, vertebrate paleontology, Miocene hominoids, bone biomechanics; Uganda, Ecuador

Associate Research Scientists

Gregg F. Gunnell, Primate evolutionary history, Mammalian paleontology, Faunal analysis, Paleoecology/biodiversity, Biostratigraphy/geochronology

Miriam L. Zelditch, Development and evolution, Developmental constraints, Morphological integration, Morphometrics

Assistant Research Scientists

Janice L. Pappas, Theoretical morphology of diatoms, Mapping of decision trees to morphospaces, Morphogenesis of diatoms using vector calculus, Martingales and applications to extinction and survival patterns

William Sanders, Chief Vertebrate Preparator
Hominoid evolution and paleobiology, Proboscidean evolution and systematics, Evolution of Old World Cenozoic mammals, Taphonomy and paleoecology, Mammalian functional morphology

Selena Smith, Plant systematics and anatomy, paleobotany, taphonomy, role of plants in ancient environments

Collections Manager

Daniel Miller, Research Museum Invertebrate Collection Manager

Adam Rountrey, Research Museum Vertebrate Collection Manager


Scott A. Martin (Science Libraries, University Library), Biological Sciences Librarian 

Sanam Arab (University Library), Access Services Librarian, Museums Library

Charlene Stachnik (Museums Library), Museums Library On-Site Supervisor

Curators Emeriti

Charles B. Beck (Geological Sciences), Curator Emeritus of Paleobotany; 
Paleontology; Paleobotany, plant anatomy

Philip D. Gingerich (Earth and Environmental Sciences / Ecology & Evolutionary Biology /Anthropology),   Curator Emeritus of Vertebrates
Vertebrate paleontology and mammalian evolution

Gerald R. Smith (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology / Geological Sciences), Curator Emeritus of Fishes, Museum of Zoology; Curator Emeritus of Lower Vertebrates, Museum of Paleontology;  
Paleontology, numerical taxonomy, ecological biogeography, biostratigraphy of fishes

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