Curators and Researchers of the Museum of Zoology

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Professor William L. Fink (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), Director 


Thomas F. Duda (Division of Mollusks), Evolutionary Biology of Mollusks

William L. Fink (Division of Fish), Ichthyology, Phylogenetics

L. Lacy Knowles (Division of Insects), Evolutionary Biology of Insects

Philip Myers (Animal Diversity Web), Mammalogy

Ronald A. Nussbaum (Division of Reptiles and Amphibians), Herpetology

Diarmaid Ó Foighil (Division of Mollusks), Evolutionary Biology of Mollusks

Barry M. OConnor (Division of Insects), Entomology, Parasitology, Acarology

Priscilla K. Tucker (Division of Mammals), Mammalian Organismal, Chromosomal, and Genome Evolution

Adjunct Curators

H. Don Cameron (Division of Insects)

Theodore Cohn (Division of Insects)

Curators Emeriti

Richard D. Alexander (Division of Insects), Animal behavior, entomology

John B. Burch (Division of Mollusks), Malacology

Arnold G. Kluge (Division of Reptiles and Amphibians), Systematics, herpetology

Thomas E. Moore  (Division of Insects), Entomology

Robert B. Payne (Division of Birds), Ornithology

Gerald R. Smith (Division of Fish),  Ichthyology

 Research Scientist

William R. Dawson (Professor Emeritus of Biology), Environmental physiology

Associate Research Scientist

Liliana Cortés Ortiz (Genomic Diversity Lab), Evolution of neotropical primates

Assistant Research Scientist

Pavel Klimov (Division of Insects)

Adjunct Research Scientist

Barbara Lundrigan (Division of Mammals), (Associate Professor of Zoology, Curator of Mammalogy and Ornithology, Michigan State University Museum)

Adjunct Assistant Research Scientists

Andrey Bochov (Division of Insects)

Collections Manager/Coordinator

Janet Hinshaw (Division of Birds)

Steve Hinshaw (Division of Mammals)

Taehwan Lee (Division of Mollusks)

Doug Nelson (Division of Fishes)

Mark F. O'Brien (Division of Insects)

Greg Schnedier (Division of Reptiles and Amphibians)

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