Mathematics faculty listing


Jinho Baik, Probability Theory

David E. Barrett, Complex Analysis

Alexander Barvinok, Combinatorics, Applied Mathematics

Hyman Bass (Samuel Eilenberg Distinguished University Professor of Mathematics and Mathematics Education; Roger C. Lyndon Collegiate Professor of Mathematics), Algebraic Geometry

Erhan Bayraktar (Susan Meredith Smith Professor of Actuarial Sciences), Actuarial and Financial Mathematics

Andreas Blass, Combinatorics, Logic and Foundations

Anthony Bloch (Alexander Ziwet Collegiate Professor of Mathematics), Differential Equations

Liliana Borcea (Peter Field Collegiate Professor of Mathematics), inverse problems and mathematical imaging

Daniel M. Burns, Jr., Complex Analysis, Algebraic and Differential Geometry

Richard Canary, Topology

Joseph G. Conlon, Mathematical Physics

Stephen DeBacker (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), Representation Theory

Hendrikus Derksen, Algebra

Charles Doering (Nicholas D. Kazarinoff Collegiate Professor of Complex Systems, Mathematics, and Physics), Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Physics

Selim Esedoglu, Applied Mathematics

Sergey Fomin (Robert M Thrall Collegiate Professor of Mathematics), Algebraic Geometry, theoretical computer science

Daniel B. Forger, Mathematical Biology

William Fulton (M.S. Keeler II Professor of Mathematics), Commutative Algebra/Algebraic Geometry 

Krishnakumar R. Garikipati, nonlinear mechanics, materials physics, applied mathematics and numerical methods; growth and remodelling of biological tissue, cell adhesion and cell mechanics; stress-defect interactions and transport in semiconductor/microelectronic materials; problems in physics and mechanics that are described by high-order pdes, such as the Cahn-Hilliard Equation or those of gradient plasticity

Anna C. Gilbert (Herman H. Goldstine Collegiate Professor of Mathematics), Analysis

Robert L. Griess (Richard D. Brauer Collegiate Professor of Mathematics), Group/Lie Theory, Algebra

Philip J. Hanlon (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor; Donald J. Lewis Collegiate Professor of Mathematics), Combinatorics

Mel Hochster (Jack E. McLaughlin Distinguished University Professor of Mathematics), Commutative Algebra/Algebraic Geometry

Trachette Jackson, Mathematical Biology

Lizhen Ji, Analysis/Functional Analysis

Mattias Jonsson, Complex Analysis

Smadar Karni, Numerical Analysis

Robert Krasny (Arthur F Thurnau Professor), Numerical Analysis

Igor Kriz, Topology

Jeffrey C. Lagarias (Harold Mead Stark Collegiate Professor of Mathematics), Topology Geometry

Thomas Lam, Algebraic Combinatorics

Robert Lazarsfeld (Raymond L Wilder Collegiate Professor of Mathematics), Algebraic Geometry

Robert Megginson (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), Analysis/Functional Analysis

Peter Miller, Applied Mathematics

Hugh L. Montgomery, Number Theory

Mircea Mustata, Algebraic Geometry

Gopal Prasad (Raoul Bott Collegiate Professor of Mathematics), Lie/Representation Theory

Kartik Prasanna, Number Theory

Jeffrey B. Rauch, Differential Equations

Mark Rudelson, Analysis

Yojngbin Ruan (William Fulton Collegiate Professor of Mathematics), Symplectic Geometry

John Schotland, Applied Mathematics

G. Peter Scott, Topology

Carl P. Simon, Differential Equations

Karen E. Smith (M.S. Keeler II Professor of Mathematics), Commutative Algebra/Algebraic Geometry

Joel A. Smoller (Lamberto Cesari Collegiate Professor of Mathematics), Differential Equations

Ralf J. Spatzier, Differential Geometry

John R. Stembridge, Combinatorics

Berit Stensnes, Complex Analysis

Martin Strauss, Fundamental Algorithms, Comp Security

Alejandro Uribe-Ahumada, Geometric Analysis , Mathematical Physics

Roman Vershynin, Geometric functional analysis

Divakar Viswanath, Numerical Analysis

David J. Winter, Algebra/Group Theory, Lie Theory

Sijue Wu (Robert W. and Lynn H. Browne Professor of Science), PDE

Virginia Young (Cecil J. and Ethel M. Nesbitt Professor of Actuarial Mathematics), Actuarial and Financial Mathematics

Michael Zieve, Algebra/Algebraic Geometry, Number Theory

Associate Professors

Silas D. Alben, problems from biology (especially biomechanics) and engineering which can be studied with the tools of applied mathematics and continuum mechanics; modeling, theoretical analysis and development of numerical methods, with the general goal of obtaining new physical insight into these problems

Bhargav Bhatt

Lydia Bieri, Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Differential Equations, Differential Geometry

Victoria Booth, Mathematical Biology

Volker Elling, Applied Mathematics and Differential Equations

Aaron A. King, Mathematical Biology

Kristen Moore, Actuarial and Financial Mathematics

David Speyer, Algebra/Algebraic Geometry, Combinatorics

Assistant Professors

Hanna Bennett, Algebra/Group Theory

Bhargav Bhatt, Algebra/Algebraic Geometry

Henry Boateng, Applied Mathematics

Patrick Boland, Geometry and Topology

Khalid Bov-Rabec, Geometry and Topology

Dmitriy Boyarchenko, Algrebra/Algebraic Geometry

Jeffrey Brown, Geometry and Topology

Jose Alcala Burgos, Financial and Actuarial

Xiaojun Chen, Topology/Geometry

Trevor Clark, Geometry and Topology

Matthew DeLand, Algebra/Algebraic Geometry

Alexander Duncan, Algebraic Geometry

Justin Dunmyre, Applied Mathematics

Thomas Emmerling, Financial and Actuarial

Avash Fahim, Applied Mathematics, Financial and Actuarial

Hala Al Hajjshahadeh, Applied Mathematics, Differential Equations

Brett Hemenway, Computer Science

Lunmei Huang, Applied Mathematics

Robert Jenkins, Applied Mathematics

Jesse Kass, Algebraic Geometry

Angela Kubena, Algebraic/Group Theory, Geometry and Topology

Karl Liechty, Analysis

Ricky Liu, Algebraic Geometry

Ruochan Liu, Number theory

Larsen Louder, Geometry and Topology

Evelyn Lunasin, Applied Mathematics, Differential Equations

Christopher Lyons, Algebra/Algebraic Geometry, Number theory

Manabu Machida, Applied Mathematics

Todor Milanov, Geometry and Topology

Yusuf Mustopa, Algebraic Geometry

Danny Neftin, Number Theory

Mark Radorevich, Geometry and Topology

Shifra Reif, Algebraic Geometry

Matthew Satriano, Algebra/Algebraic Geometry

Matthew Stover, Geometry and Topology

Svetlana Tlupova, Applied Mathematics

Dong Wang, Analysis

Zuoqin Wany, Analysis, Differential Equations

Weiyi Zhang, Geometry and Topology

Visiting Professors

Nessim Sibony (Frederick W. and Lois B. Gehring Visiting Professor of Mathematics)

Oliver Guedon

Visiting Associate Professor

Nelson Patrick, Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Biology

T.H. Hildebrandt Research Assistant Professors

Jonah Blasiak, Combinatorics

Amy L. Cochran

Brian Lehmann, Algebra/Algebraic Geometry

Ricky Ini Lui, Combinatorics

Seth Marvel, Applied Mathematics, Differential Equations

Karola Maszaros, Combinatorics

Benson Muite, Applied Mathematics, Differential Equations

Alon Nishry

Suho Oh, Combinatorics

Yaniv Plan, Applied Mathematics

Cynthia Vinzant, convex algebraic geometry and applications of real algebraic geometry and tropical geometry to convex optimization, in particular semidefinite programming


Irina M. Arakelian, Mathematics Education

Fernando Carreon, Differential Equations

Brad Hinesman, Actuarial and Financial

David Kausch, Actuarial and Financial

Paul Kessenich, Analysis and Partial Differential Equations

Gavin LaRose, Mathematics Education

Joseph Marker, Actuarial Mathematics

David Panjer, Actuarial and Financial

Professors Emeriti

Morton Brown (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), Topology

Douglas Dickson

Peter L. Duren, Analysis/Functional Analysis

Paul Federbush, Mathematical Physics

Frederick W. Gehring, Geometric Function Theory, Quasiconformal Mappings, Mobius Groups

Jack L. Goldberg, Special Functions, Linear Algebra

Peter G. Hinman, Logic and Foundations

Wilfred M. Kincaid

James M. Kister, Geometric Topology, Transformation Groups

Eugene F. Krause, Mathematics Education

Chung Nim Lee,

James S. Milne, Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory

Carl M. Pearcy,

M.S. Ramanujan, Functional Analysis, Nuclear Spaces

Frank A. Raymond, Topology, Transformation Groups

Maxwell O. Reade,

Ronald H. Rosen,

Art J. Schwartz, Analysis, Computer Algebra

Chung-Tuo Shih, Probability Theory

Pat Shure, Mathematics Education

B. Alan Taylor, Complex Analysis

Charles J. Titus,

Arthur G. Wasserman, Differential Equations

Michael B. Woodroofe (Statistics / Mathematics), Sequential analysis and design, limit theorems, renewal theory, inference for restricted parameters; applications to physics and astronomy

Howard Young, Employee Benefits, Actuarial Science

Lecturer Emeritia

Karen R. Rhea (Patricia Shure Collegiate Lecturer, Mathematics Education

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