Organizational Studies Faculty


Elizabeth A. Armstrong, (Sociology/Organizational Studies/Women’s Studies) Collective Behavior/Social Movements, Cultural Sociology, Education, Sex and Gender 

Mark S. Mizruchi (Robert Cooley Angell Collegiate Professor of Sociology, Barger Family Professor of Organizational Studies), (Sociology/Organizational Studies) Economic Sociology, Organizations (Formal and Complex), Political Sociology

Jason Owen-Smith (Barger Leadership Institute Professor of Organizational Studies), (Sociology/Organizational Studies) Economic Sociology, Organizational Theory, Networks, Science and Technology

Associate Professors 

Stephen Garcia (Psychology/Organizational Studies), (Social) explores the psychology of competition through the lens of social comparison processes; the impact of rankings on rivalries and its implications for maximizing joint gains and entering joint ventures

Victoria Johnson,  Historical and Cultural Sociology of Organizations

Assistant Professors

Michael T. Heaney (Political Science/Organizational Studies), American politics, interest groups, political parties, social movements, social networks

Arnold Ho (Psychology/Organizational Studies)

Sara Soderstrom (Program in the Environment/Organizational Studies), Organizational theory, corporate sustainability, organizational change, and social movements


Affiliated Faculty


Wayne Baker (Ross School of Business, Sociology)

Kim Cameron (Ross School of Business),

Gerald F. Davis (Ross School of Business, Sociology)

Jane Dutton (Ross School of Business, Psychology)

Andrew Hoffman (Ross School of Business, School of Natural Resources and Environment)

Fiona Lee (Psychology)

Lance Sandelands (Psychology, Ross School of Business)

Carl Simon (Complex Systems, Mathematics, Public Policy)

Oscar Ybarra (Psychology, Research Center for Group Dynamics)

Associate Professors

Jane Banaszak-Holl (Public Health)

Michael Bastedo (Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education)

Ramaswami Mahalingam (Psychology)

Diane Vinokur (Social Work)

Professor Emeritus

Howard Kimeldorf (Sociology)

Richard H. Price (Psychology)

David Winter (Psychology)


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