Psychology Faculty listing


J. Wayne Aldridge, (Biopsychology) Neuronal mechanisms of motor and reward behavior

Toni Antonucci (Elizabeth M. Douvan Collegiate Professor of Psychology), (Developmental) Developmental Psychology, Aging and Socialization. Social relations and health over the Lifespan and across cultures.

Jill B. Becker (Patricia Y. Gurin Collegiate Professor of Psychology), (Biopsychology) Brain tissue transplantation, plasticity and development of neural activity; sex differences in brain and behavior

Joshua Berke, (Biopsychology) the role of basal ganglia circuits in the learning, selection and performance of actions; how populations of neurons encode information and interact; how neural representations are changed by learning experiences and by dopaminergic manipulations

Linas Bieliauskas, (Clinical) Clinical neuropsychology; cognitive and personality changes in normal and abnormal aging; effects of pharmacological interventions on cognitive processes

Kent C. Berridge (James Olds Collegiate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience), (Biopsychology) Affective neuroscience; emotion and motivation

Julie E. Boland (Linguistics/Psychology), (Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience) Psycholinguistics, sentence comprehension and parsing, lexical representation

Rosario Ceballo, (Clinical) The psychological impact of poverty and exposure to community violence; infertility and adoption; resiliency to stressful life experiences

Edward Chang, (Clinical) Optimism and pessimism; perfectionism; social problem solving; stress and coping; cognitive-behavioral models of assessment and intervention; cultural influences; subjective well-being

Elizabeth Cole, (Personality and Social Contexts). Class, race and gender as social identities; women's political attitudes; qualitative methods

Lique Coolen, (Biopsychology) neurobiology of motivation and reward

Kai Cortina, (Developmental / Education & Psychology) Research in teaching and learning; motivation in adolescence; political socialization; empirical methods of social research

Lilia Cortina, (Developmental) Sexual harassment and assault; Workplace incivility; Gender in organizations; Violence against women

Pamela Davis-Keane, (Developmental), influence of parent's educational attainment on the construction of home environments; the importance of looking at race and culture when understanding families and child development; the role that families, schools, and significant figures play (multi-context) in the development of children; the development of self-esteem across the lifespan; and gender and math achievement

Patricia Deldin, (Clinical) relationship between the brain and behavior in psychopathology; emotional information processing studies designed to distinguish memory, attention, and expectancy dysfunction in major depressives, dysthymics and controls; cognitive and emotional processing associated with depression

David Dunning, (Social) Social Cognition, Self, Motivated Reasoning, Behavioral Decision Theory

Jane Dutton (William Russell Kelly Professor of Business Administration, Jack D. Sparks-Whirlpool Corporation Research Professor of Business Administration, Robert L. Kahn Distinguished University Professor of Business Administration and Psychology), (Organizational) Processes of being valued and devalued at work, invisible relational work in organizations; corrosive relationships at work; processes of strategic agenda building in organizations

Nick Ellis, (Developmental) Second and foreign language acquisition; applied psycholinguistics

Phoebe Ellsworth (Robert B. Zajonc Professor of Psychology), (Social) Psychology of emotion, psychology and law; cross-cultural psychology

Susan Gelman (Frederick G.L. Huetwell Professor of Psychology; Heinz Werner Distinguished University Professor of Psychology), (Developmental) Cognitive development, language acquisition

William Gehring (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), (Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience) Cognitive neuroscience; human brain electrophysiology, executive control of thought and action; frontal lobe function; mental chronometry; error detection; inhibitory processes; motor control; studies of brain-injured and psychiatric populations

Bruno Giordani, (Clinical) Neuropsychology; interaction of cognitive and mobility performance across the lifespan; cross-cultural issues in assessment; movement disorders and movement disorders in children and adults

Richard D. Gonzalez (Psychology / Statistics / Marketing), (Social / Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience) Research methodology; mathematical psychology; statistics; judgment and decision making; psychology and law; group dynamics; social cognition

Sandra Graham-Bermann, (Clinical) Family resilience; dysfunctional sibling relationships; adaptation of children exposed to violence

Lorraine M. Gutierrez (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), (Social Work / Psychology) Community mental health; diversity/multiculturalism; gender identity/roles; minority issues; poverty; health

John Holland, (Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience) Cognitive processes using mathematical models and computer simulation

L. Rowell Huesmann Communication Studies / Psychology) (Amos N Tversky Collegiate Professor of Communication Studies and Psychology, (Social) Aggressive behavior, media effects on behavior, formal models of social behavior, computer simulation and psychometrics

James S. Jackson (Daniel Katz Distinguished University Professor of Psychology), (Social) Survey methodology; mental health, cultural influences

John Jonides (Edward E. Smith Collegiate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience), (Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience) Perception and cognition, memory, selective attention, higher cognitive processing

Daniel Keating, (Developmental) Adolescent cognitive and brain development; population developmental health; impact of early developmental history on cognitive and socioemotional trajectories; societal factors influencing successful development

Donald R. Kinder (Philip E. Converse Distinguished University Professor of Political Science, James Orin Murfin Professor of Political Science), (Social) American government, methods, public policy and administration

Cheryl King,(Clinical) Youth depression and suicide prevention, Development of clinical interventions; treatment adherence

Shinobu Kitayama (Robert B. Zajonc Collegiate Professor of Psychology), (Social) Cultural variations in psychological processes such as self, cognition, emotion, and motivation; nature of happiness and wellbeing across different cultures; specific historical processes that influence contemporary cultures

Fiona Lee, (P&SC) Breakdowns in interpersonal communication within organizations; group dynamics and effectiveness, attributions and social inference processes; learning

Richard L. Lewis (Psychology / Linguistics / Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, College of Engineering), (Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience) Computational modeling; psycholinguistics; sentence processing; cognitive architectures; unified theories of cognition

Dr. Israel Liberzon, M.D. (Psychiatry, Medical School / Psychology) (Theophile Raphael Professor of Neuroscience), (Clinical) Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Comorbidity of Depression and Anxiety; Neurobiology of trauma and stress related disorder, Neuroanatomy and neuroimaging of emotions, Comorbidity of Depression and Anxiety, Animal models of anxiety and trauma

Jacqueline S. Mattis, (P&SC) meanings, manifestations, and functions of religiosity and spirituality among African American and Afri-Caribbean youth and adults—particularly urban-residing youth and adults

Vonnie McLoyd (Ewart A.C. Thomas Collegiate Professor of Psychology), (Developmental) Cultural determinants of children's play

David E. Meyer (Clyde H. Coombs and J.E. Smith Collegiate Professor of Mathematical and Cognitive Psychology), (Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience) Human memory, cognition, perception, psycholinguistics

Kevin Miller, (CPEP) The nature and sources of early mathematical and literacy development; cross-cultural similarities and differences in academic learning and performance; utilizing video records to engage teachers with issues of instructional practice

Frederick Morrison, (Developmental) Literacy acquisition, children; impact of child, family, and schooling factors contributing to early problems in school

Donna Nagata, (Clinical) Ethnic and cultural issues in mental health; Japanese-Americans and the psychosocial consequences of the WWII internment

Richard E. Nisbett (Theodore M. Newcomb Distinguished University Professor), (Social) Inference, judgment and reasoning, diversity and multiculturalism

Sheryl Olson, (Clinical) Child and family psychopathology; aggression and impulsivity in early childhood; psychosocial factors influencing resiliency

Robert G. Pachella, (General) Cognitive psychology, information processing, perception

Nansook Park, (Clinical) Positive Psychology, character strengths, happiness, and youth development

Marion Perlmutter, (Developmental) Life span development; social, attitudinal, and health influences on cognition

Thad Polk (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), (Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience) Cognitive neuroscience; functional neuroimaging, computational modeling, and behavioral studies of higher cognition

Richard H. Price (Stanley E. Seashore Collegiate Professor of Psychology and Organizational Studies; Barger Family Professor of Organizational Studies), (General) Assessment of social environments

Patricia Reuter-Lorenz, (Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience) Neuropsychology and imaging of working memory, attention, affective and executive functions as they change with age or brain damage.

Terry E. Robinson (Elliot S. Valenstein Distinguished University Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience), (Biopsychology) Neurobiology of addiction; brain dopamine systems; neural adaptations to brain damage

Stephanie Rowley, (Developmental) Exploring the development of African-American children and families; including issues of race (racial identity, perceptions of stereotypes, parental racial socialization, and racial coping) influence the development of academic self- concept in African-American students as well as how sex differences develop over time

Lance Sandelands, (Organizational) Emotions, attitudes, social forms and processes of organizing

Martin F. Sarter (Charles M. Butter Collegiate Professor of Psychology), (Biopsychology) regulation and function of the cortical cholinergic input system

John Schulenberg, (Developmental) Adolescence and emerging adulthood; how developmental transitions relate to trajectories of mental health across the lifespan; substance use etiology and prevention.

Rachael Seidler, (Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience) Research interests include neural bases of skill acquisition, changes in neural recruitment patterns and interhemispheric communication with age

Colleen Seifert (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), (Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience) The cognitive science of higher-level thought processes; including knowledge representation, learning, memory, explanation, planning, problem solving, decision making, and other aspects of complex cognition.

Denise Sekaquaptewa, (Social) Stereotyping and prejudice from an information processing perspective; investigating the effects of solo status on performance

Robert Sellers (Charles B. Moody Collegiate Professor of Psychology), (P&SC) Ethnicity, racial and ethnic identity, personality and health, athletic participation and personality

Priti Shah, (Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience / Education & Psychology) Visuospatial cognition; comprehension of visual displays such as graphs and diagrams; integration of visual and verbal information; statistical and scientific reasoning; working memory; attention

Jacqui Smith, (Developmental) psychological vitality in the Third and Fourth Age (65 to 100+), psychological predictors of longevity, individual differences in intra-person psychological dynamics, and the application of intelligence, cognition, and life knowledge (wisdom) during adulthood

Abigail Stewart (Agnes Inglis Collegiate Professor of Psychology and Women's Studies; Sandra Schwartz Tangri Distinguished University Professor of Psychology and Women's Studies), (Personality and Social Context) Adult personality development; psychology of women; psychological responses to individual and social change; motivation

Twila Tardif, (Developmental) Cross-language comparison in Chinese and English speaking children; caregiving in Chinese families; beliefs in preschool children

Brenda Volling, (Developmental) Socioemotional development; infant-parent attachment; family relationships in infancy, especially fathering; sibling relationships

L. Monique Ward (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), (Developmental) Children's and adolescents' developing conceptions of both gender and sexuality, and on the contribution of those notions to their social and sexual decision-making; how children interpret and use messages they receive about male-female relations from their parents and from the media; adolescents' interpretations of sexual content on television and its relation to their expectations about dating and sexual relationships; and children's understanding of society's gender hierarchy and the impact of this knowledge on their social interests and gender stereotyping

Henry M. Wellman (Harold W. Stevenson Collegiate Professor of Psychology), (Developmental) Cognitive development; knowledge acquisition; theory of mind

James H. Woods, (Biopsychology) Behavioral pharmacology, drug dependence

J. Frank Yates (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), (Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience) Decision processes; evaluation, decision models

Oscar Ybarra, (Social) Social cognition, culture and cognition, intergroup perception/relations

Jun Zhang, (Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience) Mathematical psychology and computational neuroscience; computational vision, choice-reaction time model; Bayesian decision theory and game theory

Marc A. Zimmerman (Health Behavior & Health Education, School of Public Health / Education and Psychology, School of Education / Psychology), (Developmental / Education and Psychology)  adolescent health and resiliency for risks associated with alcohol and drug use, violent behavior, precocious 

Associate Professors

Jacinta C. Beehner, (Biopsychology) Physiological causes and consequences of social behavior in social primates, particularly baboons

Thore Bergman, (Biopsychology) Social evolution, hybridization, social behavior, vocalizations, and cognition 

Terri Conley, (P&SC) Sexuality, gender, and close relationships

Robin S. Edelstein (P&SC) How people differ in their responses to emotional experiences and information, and the implications of these differences for cognition, behavior, and well-being

Stephen Garcia, (Social) explores the psychology of competition through the lens of social comparison processes; the impact of rankings on rivalries and its implications for maximizing joint gains and entering joint ventures

Joseph Gone, (Clinical) Mental health service delivery for American-Indian communities; cross-cultural psychopathology; alternative clinical and community interventions; innovative mental health program development, and the ethnopsychological investigation of self, identity, personhood, and social relations in American-Indian cultural contexts

Ethan F. Kross, (Social) Exploring the factors that enable people to adaptively regulate automatically triggered impulses and emotions that undermine their goals and compromise their health

Cindy Lustig, (Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience) age-related changes in brain structure and attentional control

Ram Mahalingam (Psychology / Women's Studies), (P&SC) Cultural psychology, social cognition, cognitive development, learning and mathematics education; power and social hierarchy's influence on folk theories about social groups (race, class and gender) and knowledge representation in different cultural contexts such as USA and India

Christopher Monk, (Developmental), Developmental psychology, developmental neuroscience, behavioral and functional MRI methods to examine cognitive-affective processing during adolescent development

Stephanie Preston, (Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience) Interdisciplinary approach to the interface between emotion and decision making

Deborah Rivas-Drake,  (Education and Psychology) Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology

Sari M. van Anders (Psychology / Women's Studies), (Biopsychology) Human social neuroendocrinology, sexuality, gender/sex, and evolution

Daniel Weissman, (Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience) Attention, the development of attentional systems across the lifespan, disruptions of attention associated with various clinical disorders

Assistant Professors

Josh Ackerman, (Social)

Brandon Aragona (Biopsychology) Neural regulation of a highly adaptive social behavior, monogamous pair bonding; neural regulation of a maladaptive behavior, taking addictive drugs

Rona Carter, (Developmental) racial and cultural contextual factors that influence pubertal processes; social-cultural contextual factors and wider social systems that promote or hinder adjustment; measurement development and evaluation as it relates to race, ethnicity, and gender

Ben Dantzer, (Biopsychology)  factors shaping the evolution of behavioral and life history traits

Allison Earl, (Social) causes and consequences of biased selection and attention to persuasive information, particularly in the context of health promotion

Ashley Gearhardt, (Clinical) addictive process in problematic eating behavior

Arnold Ho, (Biopsychology)

Luke Hyde, (Clinical, Developmental) risk and resilience across development, particularly the development of child psychopathology and antisocial behaviors, from a developmental psychopathology standpoint; role of the environment and biology as they interact overtime to shape behavior, particularly as these interactions affect brain function and behavior from early childhood into adolescence; mechanisms linking early risk to adolescent antisocial behavior

Ioulia Kovelman, (Developmental) language and reading development in monolingual and bilingual infants, children, and adults

Nestor Lopez-Duran (Clinical) affective neuroendocrinology and child/adolescent depression

Sara McClelland, (P&SC) feminist research methods, gender/sexuality, critical health psychology, adolescence, social justice

Natalie Tronson, (Biopsychology) molecular mechanisms of learning and memory, and how modulation of these processes by events such as stress and illness cause altered memory storage, maintenance, or retrieval.


Mark Creekmore, (General) Research and assessment of programs relating to youth, courts, and community engagement

Jennifer Cummings, (Biopsychology)

E. Margaret Evans, (Developmental) Cognitive and cultural factors in the emergence of scientific and metaphysical explanations, with a focus on evolutionist and creationist beliefs

Carla Grayson, (Social) Emotion regulation and expression; relationship between language and social interactions; and health

James Hoeffner, (Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience) Language acquisition, language processing and impairments; focus is to help develop computational models and mechanistic theories of the process of language acquisition and causes of language disorders

Brian Malley, (General) The interaction of cognition and culture, religion, literacy.

Jerry Miller, (General)

Jennifer Myers, (Developmental) Research interests are on the impact of chronic illness on development (mainly psychosocial) through the life course; other areas include young children's memory and knowledge about health and illness

Ellen Quart, (Developmental) Interface between pediatric neuropsychology and education; Effects of acquired brain injury on children, including head injury and neuralgic diseases; Learning disabilities, emotional sequela and compensatory strategies; Mentoring experiences for adolescents and student self assessments 

Joshua Rabinowitz, (Social) Social structures and people's attitudes and beliefs

Shelly Schreier, (Clinical) Child and Adolescent Development, Divorce and Sibling Relationships

Elizabeth Wierba, (P&SC) Organizational Psychology, Power; leadership, Peer Advising

Adjunct Professors

Roseanne Armitage, (Psychobiology) Sleep regulation across the life cycle in humans, biological risk factors for psychiatric illness, depression, gender differences, biological rhythms; computer analysis of EEG

Frederic Blow, (Clinical) Serious Mental Illness, Alcohol Abuse, Older Adults, Mental health services research 

Adjunct Associate Professor

William (Nick) Collins, (General) Cognition, college student academic achievement, medical education, thanatology

Elizabeth Gershoff (School of Social Work), developmental psychology

Carol Persad, (Clinical) Relationship between cognition and mobility in aging, Depression and Dementia, Neuroendocrine factors and cognition

Assistant Research Scientist

Shelly Beth Flagel, (Biopsychology) genetic, environmental and neurobiological factors that contribute to individual differences in reward learning and susceptibility to mental illness, including addiction

Professors Emeriti

Oscar Barbarin (School of Social Work / Psychology), (Clinical) Emotional development of African American children; poverty, health and psychological functioning; family intervention; chronic illness, clinical research methods

Eugene Burnstein, (Social) Group decision and group polarization

Donald R. Brown, (Personality/Social) Personality theory and student development

Charles M. Butter, (Biopsychology/ Cognition and Perception) Neural mechanisms of perception, learning in monkeys and humans

Albert C. Cain, (Clinical) Psychopathology of childhood, bereavement

Nathan S. Caplan, Decision processes and research utilization in public policy. Large-scale social research methodology. Achievement motivation

Jacquelynne Eccles (Psychology / Women’s Studies / Education and Psychology. School of Education) (Wilbert J. McKeachie and Paul Pintrich Distinguished University Professor Emerita of Psychology and Education), (Social) Family, schools and high-risk settings' effects on development; identity formation; gender role development

Irene Fast, (Clinical) Gender identity development, borderline personality disorders

David L. Featherman (Sociology / Psychology), (Social) Life course human developing; cognitive and behavioral aging; social science and public policy

Martin G. Gold, (Social) Social psychological theory; adolescence and deviant behavior; use of the small group method in experimental social psychology; close friendship

Daniel G. Green (Physiological Optics, Opthalmology & Visual Science, Medical School / Biomedical Engineering, College of Engineering / Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, College of Engineering / Psychology) (Biopsychology/ Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience) Psychophysics, neurophysiology of the eye

Patricia Y. Gurin (Psychology / Women’s Studies) (Nancy Cantor Distinguished University Professor Emerita of Psychology and Women's Studies; Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), (Personality/Social) Intergroup relations; social identity; political psychology

John W. Hagen, (Developmental / Education & Psychology) Cognitive development, selective attention, memory; social policy, children and families; adjustment, children in foster care

Warren G. Holmes, (Biopsychology) Evolutionary biology, evolution of social behavior

Rachel Kaplan (Samuel T. Dana Professor of Environment and Behavior), (General) Environmental psychology, participation, research methods, natural environments and mental well-being

Stephen Kaplan (Psychology / Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, College of Engineering), (General) Environmental preference, cognitive mapping, evolutionary psychology

Theresa Lee, (Biopsychology) Biological rhythms

Martin Maehr (Education & Psychology, School of Education / Psychology), (Education & Psychology) Motivation and personal achievement; social psychology of education

Melvin Manis, (Social/Personality) Cognition, experimental study of communication

Richard Mann, (General)

Wilbert J. McKeachie, Motivation and information processing in university classes; anxiety, learning strategies; college teaching, faculty evaluation/faculty development, life span development of faculty, religious attitudes and stereotypes

Charles G. Morris, (Personality/General) Personality structure, shyness

Gary M. Olson (School of Information / Psychology), (Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience / Developmental) Complex cognition; cognitive, social, and organizational aspects of computer use

Irwin Pollack, (Experimental/Mathematical) Psychophysical Methodology;  nervous sytem interpretation of auditory information 

George C. Rosenwald (Personality) Life history narratives, interviewing, case and multiple case study methods, psychotherapy

Arnold Sameroff, (Developmental) Development of infants and adolescents in high risk environments

Marilyn Shatz (Psychology / Linguistics), (Developmental / Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience) Relations between language and cognitive development; Possible influences of bilingualism on cognitive development and brain organization

Howard Shevrin (Psychiatry, Medical School / Psychology), (Clinical) Experimental investigation of cognitive, psychodynamic, and neurophysiological aspects of unconscious processes, convergences between cognitive neuroscience findings and psychoanalytic theory

Barbara Smuts,(Biopsychology) Evolution of social behavior; animal behavior; behavior of nonhuman primates and domestic dogs; affiliation, cooperation, play, and nonverbal communication

William C. Stebbins (Otorhinolaryngology, Medical School / Psychology), (Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience/Biopsychology) Comparative hearing, communication

Elliot S. Valenstein, (Biopsychology) Physiology of motivation, reinforcement

David Winter, (P&SC) Motivation, power, effects of higher education, political psychology, economic change

Associate Professors Emeriti

Eric A. Bermann, (Clinical) Family therapy; child abuse, neglect 

Henry A. (Gus) Buchtel, (Clinical / Biopsychology) Brain studies and behavior in humans

Lorraine Nadelman, (Developmental/Cognition and Perception) Sibling relationships, sex identity

Research Scientist Emeritus

Ernest Harburg, Social Epidemiology, bio-psychosocial model


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