Slavic Languages and Literatures Faculty listing


Mikhail Krutikov, Jewish literature, Jewish-Slavic relations

Michael Makin, Russian literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Russian language

Jindrich Toman, Slavic linguistics, Czech literature


Associate Professors

Tatjana Aleksić, Literary Theory, Postmodern Fiction, Contemporary Balkan literature with an emphasis on Serbian and Modern Greek fiction, Nationalism, Postcolonialism, Exile, Issues of Identity, Balkan Folklore, and Oral Poetry

Herbert Eagle, Russian and East European literature and film, literary and film theory

Andrew Herscher, Modern and contemporary architecture, urbanism, and visual culture in Central and Southeastern Europe

Sofya Khagi, Nineteenth ad Twentieth Century Russian Poetry, Russian and European Romanticism, Russian and Western Dystopia, Existentialist Thought, East European Literary Theory, Post-Soviet Literature and Culture, Contemporary Baltic Cultures

Olga Maiorova, Nineteenth-century Russian literature, culture, and history


Assistant Professors

Benjamin Paloff, Polish, Russian and Czech modern literatures, literary theory, poetics, and translation theory and practice



Alina Makin, Russian language

Ewa Malachowksa-Pasek, Polish language, Czech language

Svitlana Rogovyk, Language pedagogy, Russian and Ukrainian languages

Marija Rosic, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian languages

Nina Shkolnik, Russian Language

Piotr Westwalewicz, Polish Language and Culture


Professors Emeriti

Bogdana Carpenter, Polish language, literature, and culture; comparative literature

Assya Humesky, Russian poetry, drama, and stylistics; Ukrainian language and literature

Vitaly Shevoroshkin, Russian morphology and phonology



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