The Concurrent Undergraduate-Graduate Studies (CUGS) Program

The Concurrent Undergraduate-Graduate Studies (CUGS) Program enables a few students each year to enroll simultaneously in LSA and the Rackham Graduate School and to apply a maximum of 15 credits toward both an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree. To be considered, a student must have earned at least 90 credits toward an undergraduate degree, must have satisfied the distribution requirements, and must have an overall grade point average of at least 3.7. Admission to CUGS is limited and depends heavily on the student having exhausted the undergraduate resources of his or her department so that graduate study is the appropriate and logical next step in the student's program. The admissions process begins with encouragement from the graduate admissions committee of the department in which the student wishes to do graduate work. The student must then receive the recommendation of the chair of the undergraduate department/program, as well as the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education and Executive Director of the Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center for regular LSA students, or one of the Directors of the Honors Program for Honors students, or the Director (Director's representative) in the Residential College for RC students. An admission application is completed and submitted to the Graduate School for approval of both the graduate admission committee and Rackham Associate Dean of Admissions.


Concurrent Undergraduate/Graduate Study (CUGS) Information Sheet (PDF)

Early admission to a graduate program serves a useful purpose for the exceptional student who virtually completes an undergraduate program in three or three and one-half years with an outstanding record and who, in the judgment of both graduate and undergraduate faculty is ready to enter a graduate program.

Concurrent Undergraduate/Graduate Study (CUGS) Election Form (PDF)

The student, in consultation with undergraduate and graduate advisors, develops a program that meets both the requirements for the master's degree and those for the award of the bachelor's degree. This program must be recorded on the CUGS Election Form.

REES Concurrent Undergraduate-Graduate (CUGS) Program

CREES offers a Concurrent Undergraduate-Graduate Study (CUGS) Program leading to an undergraduate degree and a terminal master's degree in Russian and Eastern European Studies in five years.

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