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Program in Biophysics

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930 North University Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1055

Phone: 734.763.6722
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Program in Biophysics Advising

The Program in Biophysics currently offers a B.S. degree in Biophysics and an minor in Biophysics. Students interested in either option are strongly encouraged to schedule an advising appointment by contacting Student Services at

Biophysics Faculty Listing

Program in Biophysics Departmental Information

The goal of the biophysical sciences is to develop a quantitative understanding of the living world. They rely on the principles of physics, chemistry and biology, and find applications in medicine and engineering. The biophysical sciences range in scope from modeling biomolecular function to understanding cellular mechanics or brain function through the rigorous use of physical methods and concepts.

Research in Biophysics is highly interdisciplinary with strong ties to other disciplines in the natural sciences, the Medical School, and engineering. Students have the opportunity to participate in this kind of research through Independent Study and Thesis courses and dedicated summer programs.  

Biophysics Club

The Biophysics Club is a science-interest student group affiliated with the Program in Biophysics, but not limited to those studying Biophysics. We work closely with faculty members in the Biophysics, Chemistry, and Physics department as well as various research groups located in the Chemistry Building. Our club is represented by students in not only Biophysics, but also the Physics, Biochemistry, Math, and related departments. At the same time, the Biophysics Club is a social club and hosts various informal events throughout the year with the aim of creating a community of science majors.

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