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The Career Center's Career Guide for Earth and Environmental Sciences

Each Career Guide highlights curriculum requirements, as well as skills and abilities that may be developed and applied through each course of study. To complement the academic information, a range of interesting occupational opportunities are listed as a starting point for considering how academic experiences may translate to professional work settings. The Career Guide series represents a collaborative effort between The Career Center and numerous academic units.

Earth and Environmental Sciences Advising and Advance Approval of Elections

A plan for the major in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences is developed in consultation with a department advisor. A proposed plan must be approved in its entirety by the appropriate advisor prior to registration for the first term of major. Thereafter, progress through the plan and future elections must be reviewed, and approved in advance, whenever a change is proposed and in any case no less frequently than at the beginning of each new academic year of residence. Certification must also be obtained from an advisor, on an official LSA Major Release Form, immediately prior to submission of the application for the degree.

Information about appointments with department advisors is available  on the web at:

Students wishing to pursue a minor in the department must develop a specific plan for its completion in consultation with the department's designated advisor. Appointments are scheduled online

Earth and Environmental Sciences department information

The department offers outstanding students an extraordinarily rich educational environment: a strong and innovative instructional curriculum in which students experience the satisfaction of learning and academic growth.

Our innovative and flexible majors provide an interesting path for students to follow on their way to an LSA degree. From our field camp at Camp Davis in Wyoming, to lab work on campus, Michigan students have an opportunity to explore the geological sciences in exciting ways.

The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences offers:



Earth and Environmental Sciences Faculty Listing

Summer Field Courses at Camp Davis Rocky Mountain Field Station

Nestled along the Hoback River south of Jackson, Wyoming, Camp Davis provides easy access to spectacularly exposed geologic structures, sedimentary strata, and igneous and metamorphic rocks.

Field Trips

Undergraduate Reserach in Earth and Environmental Sciences

Earth and Environmental Sciences Awards and Prizes

The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences offers several awards for undergraduate students. Winners of these awards are selected by the faculty with advice from the student body and are presented in the Spring at the annual Dorr awards banquet.

Earth and Environmental Sciences Scholarships and Fellowships

Michigan Geology Club

Michigan Geology Club. GeoClub has been an active undergraduate-graduate student organization for over 40 years. It provides a forum for students concentrating in the Geological Sciences at the University of Michigan and other students with a strong interest in geology and who want to learn more about this exciting field.

Sigma Gamma Epsilon

Sigma Gamma Epsilon was established to recognize scholarship and professionalism in the Earth Sciences.

Earth Tutoring

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