Computer Science Academic Minor  

Effective Fall 2007

A minor in Computer Science is not open to students with a major in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Students wishing to pursue a minor in Computer Science should meet with the program advisor for the LSA Computer Science major. Information about scheduling advising appointments is available from the EECS Undergraduate Advising Office.

Prerequisites to the Minor

MATH 115, and prior programming experience: EECS 183, ENGR 101, or their equivalent.

You must satisfy the prerequisites before declaring. The best time to declare is during or after the academic term you take your first core course (EECS 203 or 280). Note that you will need to declare before you will be allowed to enroll in any of the electives.

Requirements for the Minor 

16 credits of courses as follows:

  1. Three Core Courses (4 credits each):
    • EECS 203: Discrete Mathematics
    • EECS 280: Programming and Introductory Data Structures
    • EECS 281: Data Structures and Algorithms

      EECS 281 has both EECS 203 and 280 as prerequisites. All of the electives have EECS 281 as a prerequisite. Thus, completing the minor requires a minimum of three academic terms.
  2. Electives: At least one 4-credit elective selected from EECS 482, 483, 484, 487, 490, 492, and 493.

Grades of C or better must be achieved in all courses taken to satisfy Computer Science requirements.


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